NEO Version 5.1.34.X Corrections

This Help File Page was last Modified on 07/05/2014

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NEO Version 5.1.34.X Corrections

This Help File Page was last Modified on 07/05/2014

Welcome to the Corrections Chapter for NEO 5.1.34.X which contains the changes implemented after the initial MKMS NEO Version Release.

This chapter provides a brief explanation of the anomaly Corrections (and some Additions) that were re-programmed after the Last Modified date shown above when the NEO Version 5.1.34.X Release was made available.

The entries are generally listed in the order these Corrections ("bug fixes" and processes that should have worked this way in the first place) were implemented within each Module.

Some MKMS and MKMSCS Users may have received an interim upgrade which already included one or more of these Corrections.


Understanding the Corrections Chart:

Program Module(s) Affected are listed.

Chapter Links are provided to locate the instructions, illustrations, and details of the proper operation of the feature.

A brief Description of the Anomaly is included along with the Corrections information, where appropriate.


Company Options

Program Module(s) Affected

Chapter Links

Description of the Anomaly & Correction

Security & Access Management

Add/Delete Users

The Add/Delete Users Form Error that would occur if the Delete button ("-") was Clicked by mistake - before a User Name was selected - is fixed.

Security & Access Management

Log Out/Log In

The ongoing issue which resulted in certain Main Menu options becoming inactive when one User Logged Out and another User Logged In (i.e., Favorites and View) has (finally) been resolved.

Getting Started

Printer Setup

The selection of the default MKMS Printer using the Printer Setup Form now saves correctly.



Accounts Receivable System

Sales Tax Rates

Sales Tax Rates may now be entered with up to three (3) digits after the decimal and that value will not be rounded to two (2) decimal places.

Accounts Receivable System

Accounts Receivable Report

The Deferred Revenue column on the Accounts Receivable Report has been replaced with the Average Monthly Recurring Revenue being billed to that Subscriber.

Accounts Receivable System

Subscriber Search (F2)

If Subscriber ID was selected as the Search By method within the Subscriber Search (F2) function, the Backspace key did not work.  This has been corrected.

Accounts Receivable System


Printing Invoices


The error reported when an Invoice (Sale) was deleted after a previously posted Receipt was Allocated, and then Unallocated, has been corrected.

Previously, if the Purchase Order Number contains more than 13 characters (the field would accept 40), only the last 13 characters would be printed on an Invoice (Sale).  The full Purchase Order Number is now fully printed (up to its 40 character limit).

The intermittent error which prevented an Unpaid Invoice (Sale) from being deleted, has been resolved.

If a Custom Invoice (Report) is defined, a different Address is assigned in the Configuration Form, or a Division Name is assigned to any Subscriber whose Sales Invoice is being printed, when Printing Invoices, the correct "Remit To:" information is now printed on each Invoice's Stub.

Accounts Receivable System

Auto Bill

After a Suspended Invoice record is created when defining an Auto Bill record, modification of the Comment field on the record will no longer generate an error message.

A Pro-Rated Invoice automatically created for a new Auto Bill record with a Per Billing Frequency Cost Applies setting now calculates the Daily Rate correctly on the Pro-Rated Invoice.

Accounts Receivable System

Accounting Receivable

The Yrly RMR - Annualized Billing Amount - which is displayed on the Accounting Receivable Section on the Edit Tab of the Subscribers Form - representing all currently defined Recurring Revenue is now calculated fully.

Accounts Receivable System

Post Auto Drafts

When Posting Auto Drafts, if the process must be unwound, the Bank Transaction and Bank Reconciliation Form data for those Transactions is now properly deleted.

Accounts Receivable System

Tax tab

User Options

The National Sales Tax Reference Number field has been expanded and now properly prints on Invoices.

Accounts Receivable System

Cash Receipts by Sales Category

The space where a Chart would be inserted in the Cash Receipts by Sales Category report is no longer preserved at the beginning of the report if a Chart is not requested.

Accounts Receivable System

Cash Receipts Summary by Month and Year Report

Cash Receipts Report

The issue where different Totals were reported for the same Date Range when the Cash Receipts Summary by Month and Year Report and the Cash Receipts Report were printed, has been resolved.

Accounts Receivable System


Allocating Receipts

The "Variable 'lDivision' not found" error which had occurred when a Receipt was being Allocated has been fixed.

Accounts Receivable System

Extended Services

Identity Theft

The "Invalid Floating Point operation" error message presented when an Identikey entry was started in Extended Services, has been fixed.

Accounts Receivable System

Subscriber Report Configuration

The problem occurring when Alternate Addresses were identified in the Subscriber Report Configuration Form for Reports supporting specified Months, and those selected Months were not saving properly, has been fixed

Accounts Receivable System


Accounting Receivable Section


When saving a new Subscriber record, or updating an existing one, certain erroneous errors were presented (e.g., "Missing Auto Draft Data" and "Row has changed since last read"), the cause of which has now been resolved.

The inability to attach a new Document to a Subscriber record that had no previously attached Document has been corrected.

The "Yrly RMR" field on the Accounting Receivable Section on the Edit Tab of the Subscribers Form now includes all Recurring Revenue - including the Bill Payer's - if defined.

Accounts Receivable System

Post Pending Credits/Deposits

The issue where certain items were posted to the wrong account during the Post Pending Credits/Deposits has been fixed.

Accounts Receivable System

Converting a Subscriber Proposal

If issue which occurred when the Company Settings AddRecurringOnComplete option was set to False ("F") causing the conversion of a Proposal to a Job to fail, has been fixed.

Accounts Receivable System

Earned/Deferred Revenue Report



Commissions Tracking System

Earned Commissions Report

The Earned Commissions Report was inaccessible for most Users (those who were not logging in as Admin) because that Earned Commissions Form was not an assignable Form Name.  It now is.



Accounts Receivable System

Prospect Tracking System


Proposal Line Item


When entering or updating a Proposal, the information in the Note field on a Proposal Line Item may now be modified without screen anomalies occurring when a Double-Click is performed on that field.

When using the Drag & Drop to the Trash Icon function to remove a Proposal Line Item, if that Proposal Line Item Deletion is requested for a Proposal Package Item which was marked as Required, a Modification Detected - Item is Locked message will now be displayed and if appropriate, you can Re-Confirm that this Deletion was intentional, then complete any Authorization information, as required.

Recurring Items may now be added to a Proposal without an error occurring, even if the Billing Cycle option is selected first.



Prospect Tracking System

Prospect Information

When creating the first record in the Prospect Information Form there was an error presented ("cannot perform operation on a closed  dataset") which is now fixed.

The inability to attach a new Document to a Prospect record that had no previously attached Document has been corrected.



Service Tracking System

Service Request

Authorizing a Work Order

The RestrictServiceCreation option in the Company Settings Form was having no effect (the Authorization Required dialog was always presented regardless of whether option was set to True or False) but is now operational.

Service Tracking System

Technician Scheduling

Corrected the issue where the selection of the first Tech Skills Drop-Down Selection List option on the Technician Scheduling Form did not update the Technicians whose Schedules should be listed.



Accounts Payable System


If the User attempts to enter a Bill and set its Billing Date within a Month that that has already been Closed, an error will be presented and that entry will not be saved.

The issue of Deleting a Bill with a previously modified Purchase Date having that deletion posted to an incorrect Transaction Date has been resolved

Accounts Payable System


If a Hand Check is entered in the Payments Form a Check Number must now be entered before the record can be saved.

Accounts Payable System

Bank Transactions

Bank Reconciliation

When the Edit/Add Transaction option is chosen on the Bank Transactions Form:

The Add/Edit Bank Transaction dialog displays the appropriate format.

The Amount field no longer uses a Calculator to enter the Amount.

Comments are saved properly.

Bank Fees recorded in the Bank Transactions Form now correctly appear in the Bank Reconciliation Form.


Credit Memos for Vendors will no longer appear on the Bank Transactions Form.

Accounts Payable System

Purchase Order Listing

The duplication of FOB and Ship Via information appearing on the Purchase Order Listing report has been eliminated.

Accounts Payable System

Check Register Report

Bank Transfers identified in the Bank Transactions Form are now listed properly in the Check Register Report  (i.e., the Bank Transactions representing the Amount of the Bank Transfer are reported as a Credit entry for the Bank from which the Amount was taken, and as a Debit entry for the Bank which received the Amount of that Bank Transfer).

Accounts Payable System

Close Month

Credit Memos for Vendors will no longer cause an "Unprinted Checks" warning during the Month Closing procedure.

Accounts Payable System

Credit Memo

Credit Memo information for Vendors will no longer randomly appear on Check Stubs.



Accounts Payable System

General Ledger System

Print Checks

Bank Reconciliation

Import Payroll

A check printing failure during the Print Checks process no longer produces extra General Ledger System Entries.

The Imported Payroll data without Check Numbers now will appear on the Bank Reconciliation Form with the word "DEBIT" inserted in  place of the Check Number.



General Ledger System

Chart of Accounts

The Refresh button on the Chart of Accounts Form has been related to correct an issue where it became difficult to locate if the Form was Re-sized.

General Ledger System

General Journal

General Journal Entries with a Division specified now correctly include that Division Code in the Account Register Form.



Inventory Tracking/Job Costing

Inventory Reserved

The Use Inventory dialog on the Inventory Reserved sub-tab of the Inventory tab on the Job Costing Form now properly shows the actual Available On Hand count in the Warehouse Location from which the Inventory Item will be taken.



Central Station Monitoring


Dealer Breakdown Report

Records in the Action Plans tab on the Dealers Form are now indexed to prevent duplicate entries.

The Summary Total counts on the Dealer Breakdown Report no longer includes Deleted Subscribers in that count.

Central Station Monitoring


Action Plan

Processing an Alarm Signal

While an Operator was Processing an Alarm Signal which was being controlled by an Action Plan, a Verification dialog was sometimes presented even if no Verification Action Step was required by that Action Plan.  This issue is resolved.

Central Station Monitoring

Central Station Data

Subscriber Panel(s)

Intermittent problem occurring when Central Station Data Form information was entered and saved resulting in the Subscriber Panel(s) section going blank, has been corrected.

The Action Plans section on the Central Station Data Form is now permanently visible, and the Alarm Condition Code + Action Plan records are now indexed to prevent duplicate entries.

Central Station Monitoring

Pass Code Search (Ctrl+F5)

The issue with using the Pass Code Search (Ctrl+F5) function and then having MKMSCS Minimize without being able to restore it later, has been corrected.

Central Station Monitoring

Alarm Activity Report

The issue causing the Alarm Activity Report to not produce the requested information when selected from the Reports option on the Subscribers Form has been corrected.

Central Station Monitoring

Subscriber Information Form

If a certain combination of options were selected, when printing the Subscriber Information Forms report, an "EventCSID not found" error was generated.  This issue is now fixed.

Central Station Monitoring

Sub Info (F2)

When using the Search Icon on the Sub Info (F2) Form to locate the required Subscriber, the specific CSID (when the chosen Subscriber has more than one) will now be the one that is selected (highlighted) in the CSID Information Box. on the Sub Info (F2) Form.

Central Station Monitoring

Work Orders (Shift+F10)

When using the Quick Work Order Form within MKMSCS to create and then Preview/Print that Work Order, the MKMSCS application  will no longer close when the Preview/Print dialog is closed.

Central Station Monitoring

Action Plans

Defining an Action Plan

When Defining an Action Plan, the Email Dealer Contacts and Email Alternate Contacts options are again available.

Using Call Dealer as the first Available Action choice no longer presents and error.