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Prospect Tracking System

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The Prospect Tracking System is included in the Accounts Receivable module and has many features to help you manage your Prospects, Contacts, Leads, and follow-up Reminders, as well as providing effective control over the Prospecting to Sales Process.



Prospect information Form


Key features of the Prospect Tracking System include:
Prospect Information database allowing for the entry of a virtually unlimited number of Prospects, providing a One-Click Prospect to Subscriber Conversion feature.
Market, Source and Lead Type Coding and Analysis system to help you sort, track, and evaluate and plan your marketing expenditures, based on actual past results.
Proposal Generation System including a One-Click Proposal to Invoice Conversion feature, an Automatic Margin Markup (if desired), and a One-Click Proposal to Job Conversion.
Reminders System for Proposal Call-backs.
Comprehensive Prospect Tracking System Reporting