Inventory Tracking & Job Costing System

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Inventory Tracking & Job Costing System

This Help File Page was last Modified on 02/04/2020

Whether your Company is large or small, the benefits of using an Inventory Tracking and Job Costing System will usually far outweigh the effort required to operate that system.  

Why? - Can you answer all, or even most of these 7 questions now?

1.Where is the money your Company's spent on Inventory Purchases going?

2.From whom, for whom and why is your Company buying that Inventory.

3.Did your Company actually make a Profit on those Inventory Purchases?

4.Is your Company experiencing excessive (unknown) Inventory "Shrink"?

5.Exactly how many of those old control panels (obsolete passive infrared detectors, wireless devices, communicators, etc.) are still in a Warehouse?

6.How much Inventory is on your Company's trucks and storage facilities - and exactly what (and where) is it?

7.What is the total current Value of your Company's Inventory?


How Many of these Inventory related questions go unanswered each day, every month, always?

Except for Recurring Revenue and new Sales, aren't most of your Company's unanswered questions associated with Jobs, Labor, Inventory usage, and Installation Costs?


Note: The required Inventory Valuation Methodology is the Average Cost of Inventory method when using the Stark 35 General Ledger System in conjunction with the Inventory Tracking System.


What's Next?

1.The Inventory Tracking and Job Costing System is designed to provide the answers to these complex (and often overlooked) questions, so:

a.Take a look at the Inventory Tracking and Job Costing Overview chapter to get a better understanding of its capabilities;

b.Perform the Set Up Procedures;

c.Read about all of the available Inventory Tracking Reports;

d.Read the Job Costing Overview chapter

e.Review the variety of Job Costing Reports.


2.Then, decide How and When the capabilities of this Inventory Tracking and Job Costing System should be incorporated into your Company's business model.


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