Service Tracking System

This Help File Page was last Modified on 06/26/2018

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Service Tracking System

This Help File Page was last Modified on 06/26/2018

Poor Service - eventually means - Poor Business!


Effectively managing the quality and efficiency of your Company's Service Department can make or break the overall success - and ultimately, the profitability - of your whole Company.

This Service Tracking System provides the tools that are needed to:

1.Know when, and for whom periodic service needs to be provided

2.Promote, Sell, Manage and fulfill the obligations of the Service Contracts your Company offers, and helps maintain their profitability

3.Schedule all Job Tasks and Work Orders and then keep those Technician's Appointments

4.Review and promptly Invoice for completed Work Orders

5.Be successful at providing that most critical side of you business - properly Servicing of your Subscribers Systems.


This Service Tracking System also facilitates the effective, long-term maintenance of all of the Alarm Systems (and other types of installations) that your Company installs and services (and monitors), and so ultimately, it helps to ensure satisfied Subscribers (Accounts), reliable systems, enhanced cash flow, and ultimately more recurring revenue because:

1.Any number and type of Service Contracts may be defined and tracked.

2.Automatic generation of Work Orders, when due, for all Recurring Service requirements - and for all Accounts, with or without Service Contracts.

3.Complete Service History is maintained - for all Accounts with or without Service Contracts - and that Service History may be Transferred from one Account to another (if an existing Account moves and the replacement Account at that original premises continues with your service).

4.Reporting of Accounts that have not had service for a long (user defined) time and 15 other Service Tracking related Reports are available for all Accounts, with or without Service Contracts, and with or without monitoring.

5.Having an easy to use Technician Scheduling System makes the routine Daily Service Operations easier to manage.

6.Tracking the current Status of your Technicians, and also know any time that their work status changes.

7.Quickly being able to Bill Service Calls, almost automatically, will speed payment.


Starting your Company's Service Tracking System:

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Read the Service Tracking System Overview chapter for a better understanding of the many features that are available, and their related Forms and Processes.

Complete the Service Options tab and other associated tabs on the User Options Form

Complete the General Maintenance Menu's Service & Miscellaneous Options

Read the Service Tracking System Maintenance Entries.chapter and its associated sub-chapters

Fill in the Service tab on the Subscribers Form.

Read about the Service related options and the associated sub-chapters

Setup the Recurring Services requirements.

Review the recommended Periodic Procedures.

Review all of the Service Related Report options.

Perform your Daily Operations consistently.

Perform your Periodic Procedures as needed


What's Next?  

Go to the Service Tracking System Overview for more detailed instructions on getting started.