Subscribers Form: Edit View

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Subscribers Form: Edit View

This Help File Page was last Modified on 03/15/2022

Edit View on the Subscribers Form

There are two Subscriber Data Entry Tabs offered on the Edit View:  The Subscriber and the Monitoring Tabs.

I.Subscriber - This Tab within the Edit View - contains the six (6) sub-sections listed below - and is used to enter a new Subscriber record and enter the information associated with the Receivables and Service Tracking modules.



1.General - This sub-section contains fields for identifying the following information:

a.System maintained fields displaying certain data that is entered elsewhere (e.g, Subscriber ID, CSIDs, Dealer Name).

b.Basic Data Entry (e.g., Name, Address, Contact fields and certain coding information)

c.Comments - An Edit Rich Text field which allows you to enter any special notes or comments relating to this Subscriber

d.Leads information including the Source, Type, Market area and original Date of the Lead that led to the acquisition of this Account

e.Address Configurations to change the default Return Address information on Invoices, Proposals,Statements, and certain Central Station related reports


2.Receivables - This sub-section initializes the Subscriber record for accepting Receivables Transactions.

a.Accounts Receivable for Configuring this Subscriber record for the Accounts Receivable System  

b.Account Status as it relates to Dates and Amounts of Recurring Revenue, Balance Due, Receipts and Sales.


3.Pay Methods - This sub-section is used for setting up Bank Draft and/or Credit Card Payment Methods


4.Service - This sub-section provides the means to Activate the Service Account for the Subscriber


5.Acquisition This sub-section is used to record detailed information relating to each Account which they Acquire and/or Lose


6.Custom Fields - This sub-section is display and enter the required information into previously defined Custom Fields.


7.Verify Address - This option allows the User to verify (and update as needed) that the current Subscriber's United States address is a valid USPS address.


II.Monitoring - The Monitoring Tab on the Edit View of the Subscriber Form is used to enter the information associated with the Central Station Monitoring of this Subscriber


Defining a new Subscriber record

Open the Subscribers Form by Clicking the Receivables Tab on the MKMS Desktop and Pressing F3 (or Clicking the Subscribers Icon on the Receivables Tab's Ribbon Menu)

Select the Edit View Icon.




Edit View Icon (shown above) on the Subscribers Form opens the data entry view where Subscriber's information is initially defined.

Categories & Sub-Sections - As noted at the start of this chapter, the Edit View is divided into two Categories (Subscriber and Monitoring), and six Sub-Sections which further segregate information based on its function and/or purpose.

The  "Entering Basic Subscriber Information" discussion below provides those instructions.

The instructions for defining other information (e.g., Accounts Receivable, Service, Acquisition, etc.) are available in other chapters.

Select the Edit View Icon and Choose the Subscriber Tab (which should be the default)

Once selected, the Edit View Icon changes to the Browse View Icon.

Click the Browse View Icon to return to the regular Browse View.




The fields - outlined in blue at the top of the Edit View - are maintained by the system.


If a User attempts to modify an existing Subscriber's record while another User has already started doing the same, an error message will be displayed:



Record is locked by user XYZ (abc)


OK - Click OK to continue, and the modification made by the second User will be canceled.

Once the first User has completed and Saved their entry, the second User may then proceed with their changes.


Entering General Subscriber Information:

Click the Insert HelpFilesNavigatorMenu-StandardInsertIcon in the Edit View Menu to start a new Subscriber record.




Name & Location of the protected Premises:




Subscriber ID - This field is populated with the record number of this new Subscriber when the entry is initially saved.

Name - Enter the Subscriber's name (up to 70 characters in length - but keep in mind the limited display area of a standard #10 Window Envelope).

Entering a Business Name

oEnter the Name as it would be listed in the Telephone Directory

oIf a prefix is part of the name but that name is not normally alphabetized by that prefix (such as the word "the"), enter the name followed by a tilde ("~") and the prefix.

oExample: "ABC Company~The"

Entering an individual Person's Name

oLast Name is entered first

oType a tilde ("~")

o(The tilde tells the system that everything after it is the Employee's first name and middle initial.)

oEnter the First Name and Middle Initial

oFor Prefixes (Mr., Mrs., Ms., etc.), enter them after the Tilde and before the first name

oFor Suffixes (MD., Jr., III, etc.), enter them after the last name and before the tilde.

oExample: "Smith, MD~Dr. James T."

Care Of - The Care Of field also provides a place to expand the Subscriber's address information, and will appear below the Attention line (up to 30 characters in length), if entered.

Attention - The Attention line will be printed below the Subscriber's Name on their Invoice's Mailing Address (up to 30 characters in length).

This may be used for a building name, a person, suite number, additional address information or skipped entirely - depending on what you need.

Street - Enter the Street address and name (up to 30 characters in length).

Verified - If this is a US Address and it has been verified (see Verify Address), then this box will be Checked automatically.

City, State, Zip - Enter the City (up to 25 characters in length), which will not be included in any printed forms (Invoices, Statements, Proposals) but will be shown in the Sub Info (F2) Form in MKMSCS, State code (or Province) and Zip (or Postal) code.

County - Enter the name of the County in which this Subscriber's premises is located (up to 20 characters in length)

Sort Code - This may be entered to help you classify this Subscriber.  

Up to 20 characters including upper and lower case letters, numbers, spaces and normal punctuation marks may be entered.

The Subscriber Listing report allows you to Filter based on - among many other fields -  the Sort Code.

The Subscriber Filters function also allows you to filter by this Sort Code.

In the example above "BFP" represents a combination Burglary, Fire, and Panic Alarm System.  

Some Reports may be limited (filtered) by these Sort Codes.

Map Location - This field is used to record the page number and map coordinates for this location, GPS coordinates, or any other consistent methodology your Company adopts to easily locate a Subscriber's premises.

Sales Person - Using the Drop-Down Selection List, Choose the Sales Person of record for this Subscriber.

The Company's Sales Staff must be predefined as Employees.

When assigning a Sales Person to a Subscriber, only those Employees whose Employee Type is identified as either Sales or All will be available (in the Drop-Down Selection List) for populating the Sales Person field.

Double-Click on the appropriate Employee

Click the Ellipse Icon to open the Employee Maintenance Form where a new or revised entry may be made (if the appropriate User Access Rights have been granted for the Employee Form)


Contact Information:




Primary Telephone - Enter the Primary Telephone Number following the rules below:

The Title name of each telephone number field may be changed for each Subscriber record,  when appropriate (see the "Renaming the Telephone Number field names" discussion below)

If no Area Code is required, enter the seven (7) digit telephone number (it cannot start with a 1)

If 10 digit dialing is in effect - no "1"prefix is needed, but you do need to dial an Area Code as part of the telephone number:

oPress the <Space Bar> first.

oThen enter the three digit Area Code.

oFinally, enter the seven digit Telephone Number.

oCorrect formatting will be applied automatically.

Long distance Telephone Numbers (with a "1" prefix) are entered as such, and the appropriate formatting parentheses and dash is applied automatically.

Ext - Enter any Extension number that is required.

1st Alt Tel - Continue with the Alternate Numbers as needed following the Telephone Number entry rules outlined above.

Ext - Enter any Extension number that is required.

2nd Alt Tel - Continue with the Alternate Numbers as needed following the Telephone Number entry rules above.

Ext - Enter any Extension number that is required.


Renaming the Telephone Number field titles on the Subscriber Form:

The Primary, 1st Alt and 2nd Alt Tel field titles may be renamed for reach (any) Subscriber, if required.



Primary Telephone - Phone number label entry


Right-Click on the Telephone Number field name you want to rename (Primary Telephone, 1st Alt Tel and 2nd Alt Tel field names may be renamed, as needed for each individual Subscriber).

Enter the desired Telephone Number field name.

Click the OK button.



All of the Phone Number field names are renamed


To cancel any renamed Telephone Number field name,

oRight-Click on the Telephone Number field name you want to revert to the original field name.

oLeave the Phone number label field blank.

oClick the OK button.

oThat Telephone Number field name will revert to the original "default" field name.


E-mail - Enter one or more E-mail addresses.  This field will accept multiple Email Addresses (up to a total of 100 characters).

If you Check E-Mail Invoice? (see below), this is the E-mail address(es) that will be used.

Each additional E-mail address must be separated from the previous one by a semi-colon.

Web Site - If available, enter the Subscriber's Web Site address.

Fax - Enter their Fax number.


If the Communications Module is registered, the Notification feature associated with Monitoring these fields will be activated, otherwise they will be unavailable:

Pager Service ID - Double-Click on the appropriate Page Service ID using the Drop-Down Selection List, if applicable for this Subscriber.

oClick the Ellipse Icon to open the Page Service Maintenance Form where a new or revised entry may be made (if the appropriate User Access Rights have been granted for the Page Service Form)

Pager Unit - Enter the Pager Unit name.


E-Mail Invoice? - If this Subscriber has requested that their Recurring Revenue Invoices be e-mailed to them, rather that printed and mailed, Check the E-Mail Invoice? box.

Billing Address Only? - If this record is being entered as a billing address (no service is provided at this address) for one or more other Subscriber locations, Check the Billing Address Only box.

This Billing Address Only record will be identified on Information Bar with a "Billing Address Only" message.

Because they are no needed, once entered, a Billing Address Only record will have fewer options available on the Subscriber Options Menu (e.g., Recurring Service, Work Orders, Recurring Revenue)

Note: If the Invoices entered for this Account are to be billed to a different address than the one entered here, please refer to the Bill Payer information.


Click the Save Icon on the Edit View Menu to record the entries.




Duplicate Account Warning - If the Telephone Number of this new Subscriber Information record you are saving already exists in another Subscriber record, a Duplicate Account dialog will be displayed.



Duplicate Account Warning dialog for Subscribers Form


If you know that this Telephone Number is being used by an Account that already exists, and that is acceptable (perhaps it is a sub-location of a main Account or for some other reason, more than one Account will have the same main number), Click the OK button to save the record as requested.

If this is not the case, and one or more Subscriber records are listed, determine whether duplicates are acceptable, whether you need to correct this, or another record's primary telephone number.

oClick the Cancel button and change the current record.

oClick the OK button to accept the current record.

oGo to the other record(s) and make the primary telephone number changes there, if appropriate.



Save Subscriber information?


If the User attempts to Close this Form by Clicking the Close Icon (T), or Clicking the Subscribers Tab before saving the current entry (or modification), a Confirm message will be displayed.

Yes - Click the Yes button to record the entry (or modification) and Close the Form.

No - Click the No button to abandon the entry (or modification) and Close the Form.


Select Browse View (which replaces the Edit View option when selected) when finished editing this record.