Version 5.1.33.X Accounts Receivable New Features

This Help File Page was last Modified on 11/22/2016

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Version 5.1.33.X Accounts Receivable New Features

This Help File Page was last Modified on 11/22/2016

Welcome to the Summary Page which describes the major New Features added to the Accounts Receivable System within the MKMS Version 5.1.33.X Release.

This New Features Table contains three columns of data relating to each of these New features:

1.Program Module(s) Affected - This column lists the specific modules that were improved.

2.Chapter Links - This column lists of the link(s) to the chapter(s) where the previous instructions, illustrations and explanations have been revised to reflect the program changes and/or enhancements.

3.Description of the Enhancement - A brief explanation of the new features, functions and enhancements that have been added in this release with links to all of the affected chapters and some related chapters, also.


Understanding the New features Chart:

All of the Program Module(s) that are Affected are listed.

The Chapter Links are provided for finding the instructions, illustrations, and details on the operation and usage of the new feature(s).

A brief Description of the Enhancement is shown, sometimes with additional Chapter Links.


Program Module(s) Affected

Chapter Links

Description of the Enhancement

Accounts Receivable System


Displayed on a Widgets Dashboard - now included as part of the main MKMS Form - the new Widgets feature provides a User Specified selection of Information Snapshots - shown either as a tabular listing or a chart - that may be instantly updated with the most current information at the Click of a button.

More detailed information about these Accounts Receivable System related Widgets may be found within the chapters listed below:

1.AR Chart - Displays an Aged Summary of the Monies that Subscribers Owe to your Company.

2.Top 5 Subscribers - Lists certain Subscribers rated as the Top 5 based on one of the following three criteria:

i.Gross Sales (based on Sale Date) for the current year (to date)

ii.Gross Receipts (based on Date Paid) for the current year (to date)

iii.Average Monthly Recurring Revenue

3.My Appointments - Lists, determined by the selected Configuration Option, the Appointments for Today or the current Work Week (Mon - Fri) that have been previously

4.Invoiced -vs- Collected - Provides a Pie Chart view which compares the Dollar Volume of Sales that were Invoiced versus the Amount of Receipts that were Collected within the Current Calendar Month.

5.Income -vs- Expense - Provides a Bar Chart which compares Income (Sales Invoices to Subscribers) to Expenses (Bills for Purchases from Vendors) entered within the most recent three months.

6.Sales Breakdown - Provides a Bar Chart which displays up to 5 General Ledger Accounts with the greatest Sales value - based on the selected Department(s) identified in Configuration Option.

7.Bank Balance - Displays a Pie Chart and explanatory Legend showing the Current Balance as listed in the Chart of Accounts report in the General Ledger System for each Bank Account defined in the Bank Maintenance Form.

8.Favorites - Displays three option buttons -  each representing one of three different record types.  These buttons provide a Drop-Down list of the current User's Favorite account names.  Selecting one of these account names will open the related Form with that specific account already opened.

9.Quick Search - Provides easy access to a Search utility  which offers a utility for locating the Name previously entered on a Subscriber, Prospect or Vendor Form, with Double-Click access to that Form.  (The Search option, located on the Other Shortcuts Menu, provides a Global Database Table Look-up function that is more advanced than this Widget provides.)

10.Sales Analysis - Displays the Gross Amount (Report and Non-Report) of Sales recorded for Today, the Current Week and the Current Month, and which may be filtered by Division and/or Salesperson.

Accounts Receivable System

Calls Report


The Calls Report will now allow the User to set the Date Range for both the Starting and Ending Date and Times to be reported.

By default, the Starting Date will be one month prior to Today at 8:00AM and the Ending Time will be Today at 8:00PM.

All defaults may be changed, as needed.

The Specific Subscriber option's Search dialog now offers the CSID Header Name as a searchable field.


The Calls Form has additional Function Key and User support:

Ctrl+S will save the current entry.

Ctrl+I will start a new Call record.

Each User may reposition and resize the Calls Form, as desired and those settings will become that User's default position and size.

Accounts Receivable System

Central Station Monitoring

Subscriber Information

Sub Info (F2)



The Subscriber Information Form now offer a County field.  The Subscriber's County will also be available in the Sub Info (F2) Form within MKMSCS.


Flash Past Due - By default, the new FlashPastDue option is set to True ("T") which maintains the normal behavior whereby an Account with a Past Due Balance when displayed on the Subscribers Form displays a Flashing Red Past Due: $999.99 message.

oTo turn off the Flashing effect of the Past Due Message (which some Users may find distracting) set the FlashPastDue option to False ("F").


Hide Old Employees? - At the top of the Employee Form is this new question and a Check box.

Every Employee ID that has been used as part of a Transaction  or Process cannot be removed from the database.


oBecause that Employee ID becomes part of the internal "History" of the Transaction or Process.

oSo, once an Employee leaves the Company, rather than deleting that Employee's record, she/he is assigned an Ends Date - indicating that she/he is now an Old Employee (not an Active Employee).


oWhile viewing the Employee Form, to only view Active Employee records (those Employees who have not been assigned an Ends Date ), Check this Hide Old Employees? box.

oOr, if you are researching information relating to an Old (departed) Employee, be sure that the Hide Old Employees? box is not Checked.


History - Click the new History Icon on the Subscribers Form to open that currently selected Subscriber's Universal Account History Form  which provides a complete and immediate listing of Accounting Transactions (Sales, Receipts, Credits, and Rate Increases), Calls, Proposals, Service Requests, and Alarm History that exists for the currently selected Subscriber.

Accounts Receivable System

Division Groups

Each Division may belong to one or more Division Groups

Each Division Group may have any number of Divisions as members within that Group.

Certain Accounts Receivable System Reports allow for filtering or record selection based on what Division Code is assigned to the Subscriber and the Division Group to which that Division Code belongs.  These reports are:

i. Accounts Receivable Report

ii. Attrition Report

iii. Average Recurring Revenue Report

iv. Accounts Receivable Funding Report

Accounts Receivable System

Cash Receipt Reports

The new Cash Receipt Reports sub-menu includes:

1.Cash Receipts - This report provides the detail as to the way in which the Receipts were paid (e.g., Check, Credit Card), the Date and Batch number used when those Receipts were posted, and from whom those Receipts came.

2.Cash Receipts by Employee - This report allows the User to specify which Receipts are to be listed based on which Employee Posted the Receipts, on the Sales Date or Receipt Date of those Receipts, within a specified Date Range.

3.Cash Receipts by Sales Category - This report lists what was the paid and the allocated dollar volume of each Sales Category and what was the paid and allocated unit volume of each Sales Category based on a specified Date Range.

4.Cash Receipts by Salesman - This new report is produced based on a selected Date Range, Bank (into which the Receipts were deposited), and/or Division; and lists those Paid Sales by (selected or all) Salesperson(s), by Sales Category and provides other Sales Invoice, Receipt and Allocation information, as well.

5.Cash Receipts Summary by Month - This new report lists each (or a specified) Batch Number and Amount, and the Total Amount received for the specified Month and Year.

6.Cash Receipt Totals - This new report creates a spreadsheet like list with columns for each of the past four years, the months of each year listed on the left, and the value of the Receipts that were posted for each Month.

Accounts Receivable System

Accounts Receivable Report

The new Exclude Invoices with Future Sold Dates option on the Accounts Receivable Report dialog, if Checked, will be excluded Sales Invoices Dated after Today (such as Recurring Revenue Invoices created in advance of the actual Sale Date) from that Accounts Receivable Report.

Accounts Receivable System

Auto Bill: Defining Recurring Revenue

When defining Recurring Revenues for a Subscriber, the Recurring Revenue Form now provides a Suspended Invoicing section in which one or more Pro-Rated Invoices may be stored until the next normal Auto Billing procedure is run.

Accounts Receivable System

Subscriber Listing

The Subscriber Listing report has a new By Division? option.

To sort the Subscriber Listing in Division Name order, showing the Subscriber accounts alphabetically that are part of that Division, Check this box.

Select Division - To limit the Subscriber Listing to one specified Division's accounts, use the Drop-Down Selection List to Choose that Division.

Accounts Receivable System

Sale-Purchase Item

The new Hide Inactive Items? Check box on the Sale-Purchase Item Form will filter items marked as Inactive (see below) from being displayed as a User moves from record to record.  

When the Search Icon is used to locate a specific item, those  items marked as Inactive will be listed in Red.


Retail Labor Rate - A new Retail Lbr. Rate field has been added to the Job Cost Categories section of the Sale-Purchase Item Form


Inactive - Located within the Inventory section of the Sale-Purchase Item Form, this Check box now identifies any item as Inactive and therefore no longer in use.

The Inactive Check box is provided because, once entered and used, a Sale-Purchase Item cannot be deleted because it has become part of the Transaction "History" of the system.

Checking this box will remove this item from the Drop-Down Selection Lists normally used to Choose a specific Sale-Purchase Item for a Sale or Purchase.

Accounts Receivable System

Accounts Receivable As Of Report

The new Accounts Receivable (As Of) Report provides an automatic "look-back" capability for any Date within any Month in the past for which Sales and Receipts records have been entered within the MKMS Accounts Receivable System module.

Accounts Receivable System

Sales Analysis Report

The revised Sales Analysis Report now offers Chart capability by the Sales Person, Division and/or Department report options.

Accounts Receivable System

Subscriber Statements

Subscriber Statements now include the Statement Generated: Date at the bottom of each page and on the Return Stub.

Accounts Receivable System

Quality of Sales

The new Quality of Sales report provides a Bar Chart along with a detailed Legend that provides an analysis of the Quality of the Accounts Receivable being added - viewed over a one year period ending in a specified Month and Year.

Accounts Receivable System

Referred By

The Referred By Form, accessed from the Subscribers Form's General Menu, now has a Comments field.

Accounts Receivable System

Customer Ranking Report

The new Customer Ranking Report provides a list of the Top 5 (10, or 20) Customers based on one of three selected criteria (Recurring Revenue, Invoices, or Receipts) within a User designated Date Range. and may also include a Bar Chart and Legend in addition to the list of Customers.

Accounts Receivable System

Prospect Tracking System


Proposals Printing

The Advanced Sale Item Lookup feature (accessed using the Alt+F2 Special Function Key combination) is now available when Selecting a Sale Purchase Item on a Proposal.


The Proposals Form has a new field titled: Grp: (for Group Code)

You may now enter a Group Code for a Proposal in that field.

Group Codes are internally converted to UPPERCASE Letters so:

"Apples33", and "applES33", and "AppLeS33" all represent

"APPLES33" to the system.

Group Codes are optional, free-form codes a User may assign to any Proposal.


A Group Code will "filter" the Proposals included in the Proposals Printing dialog to only those Proposals that were assigned the specified Group Code when the By Group option is selected on the Proposals Printing Form, and a Group Code is entered in the field provided.

There is no "Maintenance" Form to pre-define these Group Codes and no restrictions as to how many may be used.


Documents may now be attached to individual Proposals.

The Proposals Printing dialog also has a new Print Attached Documents? field to accommodate this feature.

oCheck this Print Attached Documents? box to include and print the Documents attached to the Proposal.

oThis Print Attached Documents? option is only available when printing a specific Proposal by selecting Print on the Proposal Form itself, or when the new By Group option has been chosen when printing Proposals from the Reports Menu.

Accounts Receivable System

Cash Receipts by Employee

This is the new Cash Receipts by Employee Report which provides the detail as to the way in which the Receipts were paid (e.g., Check, Credit Card), the Date and Batch number used when those Receipts were posted, the actual Day they were Posted (if the Receipts were back dated), from whom those Receipts came, and the Employee who Posted the Receipt.

Accounts Receivable System

Subscriber Report Configuration

In the revised Subscriber Report Configuration dialog, for those Reports (Default Invoice Address and Subscriber Statements) with a new Months option:

Click the Drop-Down Selection List provided and Check each Month in which the designated alternate mailing Address should be used in lieu of the normal Billing Address when Printing Invoices and Statements in those selected Months.

Accounts Receivable System

Transfer Receipt


The new Transfer Receipts button now allows data entry Mistakes resulting in the Posting of a Receipt to the wrong Subscriber to be easily corrected using this Transfer Receipt button on the Receipts Form.

Accounts Receivable System

Recurring Revenue

The Order for listing Recurring Revenue data, and the Order in which these Recurring Revenue records are displayed in the Edit View tab may now be User defined by Clicking any Header Name and that Column of Data list will determine the Order of the list.

Accounts Receivable System

Auto Draft Validation Process

When the Post Auto Drafts process is executed, if the new ValidateAutoDraft option in the Company Settings dialog is set to True ("T"), an Auto Draft Validation Process will check for the presence of certain Bank and Credit Card information entered for each Subscriber in the Subscriber's Payment Methods Form.

Accounts Receivable System

Auto Bill

Any Open Item Recurring Revenue entered in the Auto Bill Form for a  Subscriber may have an End Date inserted which terminates this Recurring Revenue Billing process.

If there has been a Recurring Revenue Invoice created which covers a portion of the service that includes any period of time after the End Date entered here, the User will now be given the opportunity to request that a Credit Memo be automatically issued for this unused service period.

Accounts Receivable System

Auto Bill Recurring Revenues

A new Confirm Auto Billing dialog will be displayed once the Auto Bill Recurring Revenues options have been chosen and the Run button Clicked requiring the User to Confirm the selected auto billing options.

Accounts Receivable System

Receipt Search

The new Receipt Search Form provides the ability to look up a Receipt based on the Amount posted, Date posted, or the Check Number recorded which can come in very handy when a Subscriber insists they Paid and they have the canceled Check to prove it!

Accounts Receivable System

Expiring Contracts Report

The revised Expiring Contracts Report dialog now has two additional options:

1.By State - To filter the results based on the Subscriber's State Code (or whatever has been entered in their State/Province field), enter those characters in this field.

2.Show Customer Address? - Check this box to have the Subscriber's Address information included on the report.

Accounts Receivable System

Accounts Payable System

Bank Maintenance

Bank Transactions

A new Current Balance field has been added to the Bank Maintenance and the Bank Transactions Form.

The Bank Transactions Form has been completely redesigned.

Receipt Refunds and savable Comments are now available.

A Show GL Transactions button displays the General Ledger Account Register entries that were created for a selected record.

Note: This Show GL Transactions feature is not retroactive.  

It is enabled only for those transactions that are posted after this MKMS Version 5.1.33.X Release is installed.

Accounts Receivable System

Invoice Statements

The new Invoice Statements report provides a list of Open Invoices (only Invoices with a Balance that is Unpaid), printed using its own unique Format, and available for either the currently viewed Subscriber or All Subscribers.

Accounts Receivable System

Accounts Receivable Reports

The following Accounts Receivable Reports had their User Interface improved and now include an Options tab, a Preview tab, and in most cases a Data View tab.

Billing Cycles Report

Sales Category Report

Ledger Card Report


Calls Report

Referrals Report

Reminders Report

Accounts Receivable System

Post Receipts

For Keyboard priority (versus Mouse priority) Users, once the Invoice(s) is/are Selected in the Post Receipts Form, instead of repeatedly Pressing the Tab F key until the Post < Icon is highlighted, the User may now Press Alt+P to immediately highlight the Post < Icon.

Accounts Receivable System

Subscriber Information

Comments Tab

While viewing a Subscriber's Service Account Only record (which by definition has a separately designated Bill Payer Account), you may now Press F6 (or Click the Billpayer Comments button) on the Service Account Only Subscriber Information Form to view the Bill Payer Comments dialog, which is displayed as a Read Only Form,  and contains whatever was entered in their Bill Payer's Comments Tab (including nothing, if nothing was entered).

Accounts Receivable System

Invoice Form

The Invoice Form has been revised to include a Purchase Order Number field which will be included on that Invoice when it is printed.

Accounts Receivable System


The Acquisitions Form has been revised to includes the addition of the  Account Holder's Co-Signer information - these new fields being provided for the Credit Manager.

If a Cosigner exists, that person's Name, Social Security Number and/or Drivers License Number may also be entered.

Accounts Receivable System

Sales Analysis Report

The revised Sales Analysis Report now offers Chart capability by the Sales Person, Division and/or Department report options.

The Sales Analysis Report may now be printed for All, a limited to a selected Set of (one or more) Sales Category Codes.