Comments Section within the Edit View

This Help File Page was last Modified on 10/18/2022

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Comments Section within the Edit View

This Help File Page was last Modified on 10/18/2022

Comments field appears in the Comments section below the Accounting, Monitoring , and Service tabs



Subscriber Form with data - Comments section in the Browse View mode with formatted text


When the Subscriber Form is initially opened, the Comments information is displayed in the Browse View with Slide-Bars for vertical and horizontal scrolling when necessary.

Double-Click on this Comments text to view it in a Read Only Rich Text Editor  



Subscriber Form - Comments Section - Read Only Rich Text Editor


The Comments section is a Edit Rich Text field in the Edit View of the Subscribers Form which allows you to enter any special notes or comments relating to this Subscriber.

Enter or Update Comments:

Select the Receivables Tab on the MKMS Desktop and Click the Subscribers (F3) Icon to open the Subscribers Form.

On the Subscribers Form, Locate the appropriate Subscriber record using the Subscriber Search function.

Click the Edit View Icon and select the Subscribers Tab

Drag the right side Slide Bar down until the Comments section comes into view.


Comments - You may simply type in your Comments as needed.

If you have made your entry without opening the Rich Text Editor (see below), Click the Save Icon in the Edit View to record any changes.




Click the Save Icon on the Edit View Menu to record any changes to the Comments.


Using the Rich Text Editor to enter and/or modify Comments:

There is a built in Rich Text Editor available - accessed by Double-Clicking within the Comments field.

This Rich Text Editor provides word processing level features - most of which - you will find familiar like bold, underline, italics, highlighting plus font and font color selections.

If you have opened the Rich Text Editor dialog to make your entry, to save your entry, Choose Save on the Editor Options Ribbon Menu.




Alert - Check the Alert box if you want an "Account Alert" message displayed on the Information Bar on the Subscribers Form whenever this record is viewed.  

This Alert message is particularly useful if the Account needs follow up, is receiving special care, or a special resolution process is underway, or in other ways - needs to be recognized as needing the Comments information viewed by you (or whomever might also view this record) before communicating with the Subscriber.


Find - Open the Comments Form's Rich Text Editor and locate the Find Icon to find a particular word or phrase anywhere within the Comments field.

So, use the Find function to quickly locate a specific entry (see below).




Enter the word or phrase you are searching for in the Find What field.

Check the Match whole word only box if you want the search result limited to the exact word or phrase you entered (versus a portion of it).

Check the Match case box if you want your search results to exactly match the upper and lower case of your Find what entry



Find dialog


Once you've located the required text, Click the Cancel button to close the Find dialog.

View or change what you've located, as needed.

Remember, if you've made changes to the Comments with or without using the Rich Text Editor:




Click the Save Icon on the Edit View Menu to be sure the Comment is saved.