Receivable Reports - An Overview

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Receivable Reports - An Overview

This Help File Page was last Modified on 05/09/2021

These Accounts Receivable System Reports provide virtually every revenue related, and sales analysis report needed to evaluate your Company's Accounts Receivable related Financial Transactions.

1)Charts - Using the Drop-Down Selection List when it is provided, a Pie or Bar Chart may be included as part of some report outputs.

2)Spreadsheets - Many reports may be exported as an Excel® file.


There are two ways to view the Receivable Reports Menu:

a)From the Backstage Menu System Select Reports and Choose Receivable Reports, or

b)From the Quick Access Menu, Select Reports and Choose Receivable Reports.

Then, Select the desired Receivable Reports Menu option.



Receivable Reports - Menu options


Accounts Receivable Collections - The Accounts Receivable Collection Report is a multi-purpose Report that assists in the management and Collection of Past Due Accounts, offers a one page Accounts Receivable Summary format with or without a Chart, and can offer a snap-shot view of the Company's potential Cash Flow, a list the Average Monthly Recurring Revenue being billed to each Account, or list those Dealers (Divisions) for whom your Company provides Monitoring Services and is also billing those Alarm Dealer's Monitoring Accounts

Accounts Receivable Report - The Accounts Receivable (As Of) Report is the essential listing of all unpaid, or specifically past due, outstanding Invoices with several really useful special selection options and provides a current, and a snap-shot view of Accounts Receivable balances for any Month in the past - regardless of whether that Month has been Closed or is still Open - even when additional Sales and/or Receipts have been posted beyond those Months.

Auto Draft Accounts - this Auto Draft Accounts Report dialog provides a fully functioning Grid listing:

a)All previously defined Payment Methods, or

b)Only the previously defined Credit Cards, or

c)Only the previously defined Bank Account

Average Recurring Revenue - Allows you to accurately report the average monthly amount of each Types of Recurring Revenue that you bill, and provides additional formatting, and detailed reporting, options.

Billing Cycles - Lists each Subscriber that is automatically billed for their Recurring Revenue, separated by each of your Recurring Billing Cycles, and for what Types of Recurring Revenue they are being billed.

Bill Payer Listing - Provides many options to filter and refine the content of the list of Bill Payers.

Cash Receipts - This report provides the detail as to the way in which the Receipts were paid (e.g., Cash, Check, Credit Card), the Date and Batch number used when those Receipts were posted, and from whom those Receipts came.

Cash Receipts by Employee - This report allows the User to specify which Receipts are to be listed based on which Employee Posted the Receipts, on the Sales Date or Receipt Date of those Receipts, within a specified Date Range.

Cash Receipts by Payment Method - This report provides a summary list of all, or a selected set of (one or more) Receipts by Date, for each Day within a specified Date Range of All, or filtered for a selected set of (one or more of the 8 possible) Payment Methods.

Cash Receipts by Sales Category - This report lists what was the paid and the allocated dollar volume of each Sales Category and what was the paid and allocated unit volume of each Sales Category based on a specified Date Range.

Cash Receipts by Salesman - This report is produced based on a selected Date Range, Bank (into which the Receipts were deposited), and/or Division; and lists those Paid Sales by (selected or all) Salesperson(s), by Sales Category and provides other Sales Invoice, Receipt and Allocation information, as well.

Cash Receipts Summary by Month - This report  lists each (or a specified) Batch Number and the Total Amount received for the specified Month and Year.

Cash Receipt Totals - This report creates a spreadsheet like list with columns for each of (up to) the past five full years plus the current year, the months of each year are listed on the left, and the value of the Receipts that were posted for each Month.

Credits Issued - The listing of all Credit Memos created with date range and format selection options.

Customer Deposit - This report displays a Grid with all of the designated Receipts listed (based on the Option selected) which may be Printed and/or Exported, as needed.

Customer Ranking Report - Provides a list of those Subscribers including the Account Name, ID and (based on the selected report options) Amount identifying the Top 5 (10, or 20) Customers based on one of three selection criteria (Recurring Revenue, Invoices, or Receipts) within a User designated Date Range.

Optionally, a Bar Chart and Legend graphing the results may be requested.

Deferred Revenue - The report tells your Company how much of that previously billed Recurring Revenue has to be Deferred.

See the Earned and Deferred Revenues chapter for more information.

Detailed Recurring Revenue Schedule - presented as a fully functional data grid which provides a filterable List in the form of a Grid of each Subscriber's previously defined Recurring Revenue rules.

Earned Revenue by Month - This report tells your Company how much of that previously Deferred Revenue has subsequently been Earned.

ePay Review - Provides a fully functional data grid listing with All (or a selected set) of the previously created Payment Gateway Payment Transactions, as needed, which may then be Printed as a report, and/or Exported (or Emailed) as an Excel® style Spreadsheet (or as a comma delimited file, or even a text file).

Resubmit/Receipt declined transactions from recurring invoices - If any of the expected Credit Card and/or Bank Payment Transactions are declined during the Fully Automatic Recurring Billing and/or the Recurring Billing process, they are recorded in the Resubmit/Receipt declined transactions from recurring invoices Gird.

To review and re-process any of these declined Payment Transactions, Select the Resubmit/Receipt declined transactions from recurring invoices option on the ePay Review Form's Menu to open that Resubmit/Receipt dialog.

Expiring Contracts - Lists all Subscribers whose Monitoring Contracts are about to expire.

Fixed Term Recurring Revenue - The Fix Term Recurring Revenue dialog's data grid lists those Subscribers who have Fix Term Recurring Revenue record(s) defined - including those that are currently Inactive (or only still Active Fix Term Recurring Revenue records) - and shows the details of those Fix Term Recurring Revenue records - including any outstanding Balance - with this data presented as a Grid

Invoice List - Invoices may be created manually by a User using the Invoices Form, or generated automatically using the Fully Automated Recurring Billing process, or the manually selected Auto Billing procedure.

The Invoice List dialog presents a Grid of all, or a selectable set of previously generated Auto Bill, Non Auto Bill or All Invoices, with the ability to select for a specific Billing Cycle and/or specify a Date Range

Invoices - Comprehensive Invoice Printing capability, allowing a precise selection of specifically which Invoices will be (re-) printed.

Any predefined Custom Report Formats  for Invoices may also be accessed.

Invoice Statements -  Lists all of the Open Invoices (only Invoices with a Balance that is Unpaid) for One or All Subscribers, with or without Detail.

Outstanding Invoices - provides an additional view of the Outstanding Invoice Amounts owed to your Company.

a)This report is not intended to be used as a Collection Report.

b)The Subscriber's Account Balance does not reflect Unallocated Receipts nor Unallocated Credit Memos.

c)The report can include All Invoices, even those created with a Future Date.

d)Customer Deposits are excluded from this report.

Pay Method List Report - The Pay Method List (Report) is a fully functional Data Grid which provides a list of the Payment Methods entered for your Company's Subscribers.

This is a multi-use report which helps to identify Payment Method anomalies, verify data entry, confirm what, and from where, the Payment Methods were entered within a specific Date Range,

Quality of Sales - Graphs a basic analysis of the quality of the Accounts Receivable being added to the system.

Recurring Revenue Breakdown - Reports Recurring Revenue Invoiced - by Department - with additional filtering selections for billing frequency and date.

Recurring Revenue Preview - List those Subscribers who will be automatically billed, and for what service(s) they will be billed.

Revenue by Month and Year - Provides a long range view of your Company's gross revenues - separated month over month and year over year to help identify your strong and weak months (if such a pattern exists); and the growth (or lack of it) of your gross annual revenue.

Revenue by Type and Year - Provides a long range analysis of your revenue growth - for recurring revenues, overall sales, sales that are not for-recurring revenue, or any selected group of Sales Categories.

RMR Differential (Attrition Reports) - Based on the Acquisition and Attrition information explained in the Recurring Revenue: Defining Automatic Billing chapter, when an Account is acquired, and when it is lost, this report lists those Subscribers that were acquired or lost within a specified date range, and why it occurred.

RMR Rate Changes - Provides a fully functional data grid lists (based on a User Defined Date Range) When, by Whom, and by what Amount the Rates being charged for Recurring Revenue have been changed.

Sales Analysis - The essential listing of all Sales - sorted by their Sales Category Codes - with date range and other selection options.

Sales Categories - Provides a list of all the Sales Category Codes that have been defined.

Sales Taxes Collected - Reports all Sales Tax collected within a specified date range for each Tax Rate ID.

Sales Taxes Invoiced -  Reports all Sales Tax invoiced within a specified date range for each Tax Rate ID.

Sales Taxes Breakdown - For those companies that have multiple jurisdictions (local, city, county, state etc.) that are sharing the sales tax percentage charged, reports all Sales Tax Collected, or Invoiced - based on your selection - within a specified date range for each Tax Rate ID.

Subscriber Statements - Prints the Statement of Accounts for Subscribers based on your special criteria.  

Any predefined Custom Report Formats  for Subscriber Statements may also be accessed.

Unallocated Receipts/Credits/Customer Deposits - Lists each Receipt and/or Credit Memo and/or Customer Deposit that has yet to be allocated to an Invoice.

Wholesale Collections - For those operating a Contract Central Station and providing the Billing of the Alarm Dealer's Monitoring Fees as part of that service, this report shows what Recurring Revenue was Billed and what has been subsequently Paid and Allocated.

Wholesale Groups Report - This report lists the Wholesale Rate that was Paid (indicating your Company's share) from the Allocations of Receipts from Invoices that were generated for Recurring Revenues (based on the specified Date Range of those Allocated Receipts).

Also see the Recurring Revenue Related Reports chapter for a list and explanation for the available Recurring Revenue reporting.