STARK Updates 8200 to 8202

This Help File Page was last Modified on 08/17/2017

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STARK Updates 8200 to 8202

This Help File Page was last Modified on 08/17/2017

Welcome to the Summary Page with the New Features in the MKMS Version to Release.

Several "bug fixes" have been completed during this series of updates.

The major changes and enhancements are included in the Features List below.




Understanding the Features List:

All of the Program Module(s) that are Affected are listed.

The Chapter Links are provided for finding the instructions, illustrations, and details on the operation and usage of the new feature(s).

A brief Description of the Enhancement is shown, sometimes with additional Chapter Links.


Program Module(s) Affected

Chapter Links

Description of the Enhancement




New Icons on Reports using a data grid

An Email (the data in the Grid) capability, and in some cases a Print Detail and/or Go To Subscriber function has been added to many more reports that present their information in a data grid.  When available, these options will appear on the Ribbon Menu at the top of that Report Form as an Icon.  Those reports include:

Accounts Receivable Report

Fix Term Recurring Revenue

Inventory Transfer

Pipeline Analysis

Converted Proposals Report

Converted Prospects Report

Proposals (Grid)

Accounts Payable As Of

Technician Performance (New Grid)

Job Aging As Of

Job Work Sheets (New Grid)




Invoiced -vs- Collected Widget

Bills -vs- Payments Widget

The Invoiced -vs- Collected Widget and Bills -vs- Payments Widget have been updated to better indicate that the numbers presented represent the Dollar (or the appropriate Currency Symbol) Value of the Invoices and Receipts, and the Bills and Payments, respectively



Accounts Receivable System

Accounts Receivable Collections

These updates have been made to the Accounts Receivable Collections report's Options tab

The Past Due box has been renamed to " Options".

A new option in the Options box has been added with a title of "All Invoices" and will list all Subscribers who have an Invoice with any Balance Due.

Accounts Receivable System


The Receipts Form will now load more quickly for those Subscribers who have a large number of Receipts records in that table.

Accounts Receivable System

RMR Rate Changes

You may now Double-Click on any Rate Change record line item in the RMR Rate Changes report data grid to display the associated Subscriber record.

Accounts Receivable System

Its Payd Module

A new sPaydModule option has been added to the Company Settings Grid which, by default, is set to False ("F").

To access the Its Payd Module Menus the IsPaydModule option must be set to True ("T").



Prospect Tracking System

Accounts Receivable System

Company Settings

Account Approval

A new AutoRefreshAccountApproval option has been added to the Company Settings Grid which, by default, is set to False ("F")

When the AutoRefreshAccountApproval option is set to True ("T") the new “Auto Refresh” box on the Account Approval Form will be Checked and the system will automatically refresh the Account Approval Form every 5 minutes.



Accounts Payable System

Payables Tab

Purchase Order

Selecting the Purchase Order Icon on the Payables Tab will now force the Vendor Search dialog to the screen as the Purchase Order Form is displayed.

Accounts Payable System

Bank Transaction Register

When the GL Setup Wizard in the General Ledger System has not been executed (i.e., the GL system is not tracking Financial Transactions) there will be no filtering of Sale-Purchase Items in the Drop-Down Selection List based on any GL Account Type.

Accounts Payable System

General Ledger System


Credit Cards


A new Refresh Balance option on the Credit Card Form will recalculate the display the most current Balance Due on that Credit Card Account.


For General Ledger System Users: To ensure the proper posting of all Credit Card Financial Transactions

a)The General Ledger Liability Account assigned to a Credit Card record cannot be a Mandatory Account,

b)Each Credit Card maintenance record must be assigned to a different Liability Account Number specifically defined for that Credit Card.

c)Once a Sale-Purchase Item has been associated with a Credit Card, the Purchase GL# and Item Type (Purchase) fields may not be changed.

d)Once assigned to a Credit Card, that Purchase GL# cannot be assigned to another Credit Card.

Accounts Payable System

General Ledger System


To ensure the proper posting certain Financial Transactions, the General Ledger Asset Account assigned to each Bank maintenance record cannot be a Mandatory Account.



Central Station Monitoring

Dealer Users

The Dealers section of the Dealer Users dialog has been enhanced to allow the Dealer User to also be assigned to a Sub Dealer

The system assigned Telephone and Contact information will reflect the Dealer's unless a Sub Dealer is assigned, in which case that Telephone and Contact information will be the Sub Dealers'

Central Station Monitoring

Company Settings

Alarm Stack

A new UseCIF option has been added to the Company Settings Grid which, by default, it is set to False ("F")

When set to True ("T"), and a UseMasterCSIDForEvents field has been added internally in the Central Station table -  thus implementing a visible CSID Forwarding Events Check box in the Central Station section of the Monitoring tab, the Signals for Events and Tests will be forwarded to a previously identified Master CSID Account (see next discussion immediately below) when the new CSID Event Forwarding field is Checked.

Central Station Monitoring

Central Station Data

Notification List

CSID Zones

The Central Station Data section on the Monitoring sub-tab on the Subscriber Edit View has a new CSID Event Forwarding Check box field to implement the forwarding Signals reporting Events and Tests to the Master CSID Account, only when (and if) it has a Master CSID identified for that Account.

The Notification List on the CSID Zones Form now also supports an RS-232 message Type (in addition to Pager and Email).

Central Station Monitoring

Alarm Stack

A new MultipleAlarmStacks option has been added to the Company Settings Grid which, by default, is set to True ("T") thus allowing the Alarm Stack to be opened more than once in MKMSCS, if required

If the MultipleAlarmStacks option is set to False ("F"), only one Alarm Stack may be opened by a User.