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This Help File Page was last Modified on 03/21/2018

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ItsPayd is an optional, user-friendly, cloud-based service that, once it's Purchased and Registered, is accessible from all devices.

The optional Its Payd Module requires a purchase and will not be available unless it's Registered

Once registered, the ItsPaydModule setting in Company Settings must be set to True.




With ItsPayd, your Company can offer your existing (and potential) Subscribers customizable payment plans, allowing your Subscribers to make their Payments straight from their mobile device (or PC).

The goal of the ItsPayd service is to create another way for Subscribers to pay off their obligations, while maintaining a positive relationship with those Subscribers.


ItsPayd - Within MKMS, the ItsPayd feature provides the ability for your Company to "tag" specified Subscribers as users of the ItsPayd service, and Export that Account Data to the ItsPayd collection service.

Subsequently, when those Accounts have made payments:

An Import function allows you to update your Company's database

This update includes automatically posting those monies as Receipts which have been Deposited and properly Allocate them to the appropriate Invoices.




From the Quick Access Menu (i.e., Right-Click is any open space within the MKMS Desktop) Select Maintenance and Choose Receivables.  

From the Receivables sub-menu Choose Pay Import and then Choose ItsPayd.

Click the required option:

a)Submit Export File - This ItsPayd File Import/Export dialog is used to generate a file containing the open Invoices data which is to be exported to ItsPayd,

b)Import Payment File - The ItsPayd Payment Import dialog presents the Upload list, (bottom section of the file transfer form),  which includes those items that that have been previously uploaded by ItsPayd Users.  

c)Account Maintenance - This is the ItsPayd Account Maintenance Form which is used to identify ("tag") those Subscribers (Accounts) whose data will be exported to the ItsPayd system for collection.