An Overview for the Service Manager

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An Overview for the Service Manager

This Help File Page was last Modified on 09/05/2017

An Overview of the Service Department Procedures that will be required:

If you are the Service Manager, this chapter provides the basic information for:

How Technicians are identified within MKMS

How Work Orders are assigned to Technicians within MKMS

How to Schedule & Dispatch, and then Track Technician Hours, Inventory Used, and the Technician's Status within MKMS

How the time & charges for the completion of each Service Ticket are identified (e.g., Inventory and Labor), then Completed, and Paid through the Tech Pro app.


As with all MKMS modules, to implement Tech Pro into your daily operations requires some initial setup:

Identify your Company's Technicians in MKMS.

Download the free Tech Pro app on each iOS (and/or Android) based portable wireless device that your Technicians will be using.

Use these Tech Pro Help Files (also available as a Using Tech Pro PDF file) to train those Technicians in the way your Company actually wants this Tech Pro app implemented.


Then, the Service Manager - or his/her designee - should perform these procedures every working day, and/or at the appropriate time during the month:

Identify service requests by using MKMS to:

Manually enter Work Orders for service requests from Subscribers.

Create Installation Orders from converted Proposals and/or manually for Sales not resulting from a Proposal.

When Job Costing an installation, create Work Orders for Job Tasks, as needed.

Use the Auto Service option to generate the required Recurring Service Work Orders (i.e., Standard Inspections, Fire Extinguisher Inspection, Fire Alarm Test).

Schedule these Work Orders using the Technician Scheduling Form and/or the Schedule option on the Work Order Form

Track the Status of each Technician throughout the Day

Review all Work Orders in the Work Order Invoicing/Review Form.


Tech Pro Setup Instructions

Identifying the Technicians who work your Company:

Each Technician must be entered initially in the Employee Form's Personal tab.



Employee Form - Personal tab


A Technician must be assigned an Employee Type of either Technician  or All.

If a Technician will ever be in charge of a Work Order as a "Lead Technician," also Check the Job Manager box Personal tab.


The Security tab on the Employee Form must also be completed for each Technician.



Employee Form - Security tab


Based on this Technician's responsibilities, assign Accounting sub-tab permissions, as appropriate.  

Unless an Technician has an Employee Type of All., they will seldom need any permissions on the Accounting sub-tab



Employee Form - Security tab - Central Station sub-tab


There will be many times throughout the day that Technicians will request that a an Operator (or other User) Place an Account on Test.

By default, no Accounts are on test - meaning that all signals sent by all systems will be processed in the normal manner as defined in the Panel Zones, and/or the CSID Zones Form(s)

A Technician may only place a Subscriber's Subscriber Panel CSID On Test when the Can Place Accounts On Test? option is Checked on the Employee Form's Security tab,

Thereafter that Employee (Technician) may Place an Account on Test using this On Test Panels page.


Based on this Technician's responsibilities, assign Central Station sub-tab permissions, as appropriate.  

Can Place Accounts On Test? - Check this box to allow this Employee to Place an Account on Test.

Indefinite Test Times? - Check this box to allow this Employee to set indefinite Test Times.



Time Sheet Options

Manage Time Sheets? - Check this box to allow the Employee to Manage their, or other Technician's, Time Sheets.  

This Manage Time Sheets option must also be given to Employees who complete Work Orders and enter Job Costing information.

Display Rates - Check this box to allow the Employee to view and edit their, and other Technician's, Rates of Pay.

If this box is Checked this Employee will also be able to view the actual Dollar values when completing Work Orders.


See the Security Tab chapter for additional information about the Security tab..


The Skills tab on the Employee Form is used to identify all of the Skills this Technician has acquired.

Enter the Technician Skill(s) for which each Technician is qualified to perform.



Employee Form - Technician's Skills tab


See the Skills tab chapter for those instructions.


The Tech/Employee Module tab on the Employee Form must be completed for each Technician.



Employee Form - Tech/Employee Module tab


Login Name & Login Password - Enter this information which must be used when a Technician logs in to Tech Pro.

Allow Chat - This feature is being reviewed/revised

Allow on test - Check this box to permit this Technician to Place an Account On Test.

View Alarm History Off Test - Check this box to allow this Technician to view Alarm History Off Test.


Tech Login Days & Time Range - Enter the Days and Times this Technician is permitted to access to Tech Pro.

Warehouse - Identify the Warehouse from which this Technician generally draws Inventory Items.

Access Level - Using the Drop-Down Selection List provided, Choose the appropriate Access Level for this Technician

Max time on test - Enter the maximum number of minutes this Technician may Place an Account On Test.


See the Tech/Employee Module tab chapter for additional information.


Other Data Entry Considerations:

Credit Card - If the Technician will be permitted to collect a Payment on-site when a Service Ticket has been completed, Enter that Credit Card information in the Auto Draft section of the Edit View of the Subscribers Form.



Subscribers Form  - Edit View - Auto Draft Setup - Draft Credit Card fields


Note: The Service Manager may also want to review the Service Tracking System Overview and Service Options chapters.


Service Department Tasks:

Create the Work Orders:

There are several ways in which Work Orders will (can) be created within MKMS

a)Staff enters Work Orders for service requests made directly from Subscribers.

b)Operators - using the Quick Work Order dialog - create Work Orders based on Alarm System issues identified at the Central Station.

c)Installation Orders are created from converted Proposals, and/or may be entered manually, for other new Sales.

d)Work Orders for Job Tasks will be created through the Job Costing System, as needed.

e)Using the Auto Service option, special Work Order format types (i.e., Standard Inspections, Fire Extinguisher Inspection, Fire Alarm Test) are generated for Recurring Services.


Schedule these Work Orders using the Technician Scheduling Form:

Drag & Drop a Pending Work Order to the appropriate Technician's Day View Schedule




Right-Click on a selected Appointment to display the available Options




Click the Go To Subscriber, or Go To Work Order option to view the Forms associated with this Appointment.



Print the Schedule - Select the Print option at the top of the Technician Scheduling Form




This Print option can create a "hard copy" of the Schedule for all, or one selected Technician for Today or any selected Date Range.




Within Tech Pro this Technician's schedule will appear (and be displayed) in a similar manner on the Tech Pro - Home page



Tech Pro - Home page - displays the Technician's Schedule


See the Using Tech Pro chapter for that information.


After Work Order completed (and Paid)

Work Order Invoicing/Review - Once a Work Order (Service Ticket) has been completed, a Payment may, or may not, have been collected (based on your Company's Police and what the Technician is authorized to do).

If a Payment has been collected:



Subscribers Form - Accounting tab & History tab - both will have the Receipt Amount displayed


As shown in the illustration above, the Amount of that Payment will appear as a Receipt in both the Accounting tab and the History tab on the Subscribers Form



Receipts Form with Credit Card charge for Work Order


This previously collected Payment is also recorded in the Receipts Form.

This Receipt must eventually be Allocated to the appropriate Invoice once that Invoice is created.

See "Invoice the Work Order" below.



Receipt Allocations Form - Receipt to be Allocated


Invoice the Work Order - Because no actual Invoice has yet to be created, this process may be accomplished using the Work Order Invoicing/Review Form.

Once the Invoice is created, that previously collected Payment (which was recorded as a Receipt in MKMS) may then be Allocated.


If a Payment has not been collected but the Work Order (Service Ticket) has been completed:

The Work Order will still appear on the Work Order Invoicing/Review Form and should be processed in the manner explained in that chapter.



Work Order Invoicing/Review Form - Completed Work Order to be Invoiced.