Mobile Applications

This Help File Page was last Modified on 10/12/2017

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Mobile Applications

This Help File Page was last Modified on 10/12/2017

As Mobile Devices get faster and more powerful, and Wireless Services are available almost anywhere, Mobile Applications now make sense on many levels:

Tablets and Smart Phones are cheaper and move mobile than Laptops

Almost any computer, laptop, tablet and almost all smart phones have a Web Browser

Most people are familiar with, and are accustomed to using a Web Browser.

Cloud computing has enabled powerful new data management and application server capabilities at much lower costs


Micro Key Solutions has created a series of Web Browser ("Web Based"), and Mobile Applications ("Apps") that take advantage of this technology to enhance the operational capabilities of your Company.

The Mobile Applications currently available include:

1.ExecKey - With the ExecKey mobile App, your Company's leaders will have the confidence of knowing they can work where they want, when they want with:

a.Customized reporting to view data daily, monthly or quarterly

b.Control executive team access based on need and/or responsibility

c.Crucial financial information, including accounts receivable, accounts payable and general ledger

d.Provides financial tracking of sales, attrition, R.M.R., cash receipts, P&L, bank balances and more


2.MKSales - With the MKSales mobile App, your Company's Salespeople can have all of their Prospects, Proposals, Security Surveys, and Appointments at their fingertips, whenever needed.

a.New Prospects may be added,  existing Prospects reviewed/updated

b.New Security Surveys may be performed, existing Surveys reviewed/updated

c.New Proposals may be entered, existing Proposals reviewed/updated/emailed/printed

d.Appointments and Tasks viewed, made, updated, completed

e.Sales may be Closed, printed and/or submitted to the Sales Manager


3.Tech Pro - With the Tech Pro mobile App, your Company's Technicians and Installers can manage every aspect of a service ticket from start to finish, providing features that improve service speed, accuracy and efficiency; while reducing paperwork and lost time.

a.Whether creating, dispatching, documenting, completing, invoicing and collecting (for) Work Orders - your Company can go virtually paperless by using Tech Pro .

b.Tech Pro will greatly reduce Technician and Installer Inefficiencies.  

c.Work Orders may be added (or removed) from a Technicians's electronic Schedule on the fly (no call required)

d.The Status of each Technician can be accounted for in real time throughout the day (no paper entries)

e.Inventory Items that were used can be accounted for immediately  (no paper entries)

f.Labor Hours with explanatory Comments can be added as soon as worked  (no paper entries)

g.Updates may be made to existing Subscriber data

i.Zone Descriptions may be added or modified (no paper entries)

ii.People to Call contact information may be added or modified (no paper entries)

iii.Inventory Items - identified on the Work Order Parts List tab - may be marked as Used, Quantities may be changed, and/or Items may be deleted as needed (no paper entries)

h.Once the Service Ticket is completed, the Work Order can be reviewed by the Subscriber, signed, billed, and paid - all while still at the Subscriber's premises (no paper entries)

i.While using Tech Pro, a substantial amount of time will be "given back" to your Central Station Operators because:

i.Technicians can place an Account On Test remotely, with no Operator assistance.

ii.They can also see the Alarm History with the Result of those Tests without contacting an Operator.

j.Then, at the end of their day, if they were using Tech Pro, your Technicians are done!

k.There's No paper work to finalize and turn in, so there's no need to go back to the office


4.Web Tech - The Web Tech™ Service Web Based module provides the properly logged in Technician with remote access to each Work Order (and other Subscriber related data) that has been assigned to that Technician including:

a.A list of the Work Orders assigned to the specific Technician (see Service Requests) who has logged into Web Tech.

b.The Scheduling Instructions for those listed Work Orders (see the Appointment Editor and Technician Scheduling chapters to understand how those Appointments are defined).

c.A Description of the Service that is Requested.

d.Additional Subscriber Information for those Work Orders.

e.The Service History and Alarm History for each Account with a listed Work Order.

f.A Map to the premises is available for each listed Work Order.

g.Any Personal Appointments for this Technician.


The Web Tech™ Service module is available for:

i.Technicians working for an Alarm Dealer whose Accounts are being monitored by a Non-Company owned Central Station that is providing Contract Monitoring Services for that Alarm Dealer and is using MKMS and MKMSCS.

ii.Technicians working for the Alarm Company that is using MKMS and MKMSCS and that is actually providing the Central Station Monitoring,

iii.Technicians working for an independent Alarm Company that is using MKMS for Service Tracking (and other purposes) but is being monitored by a third party Contract Central Station which is not using MKMSCS (although we do not understand why that case would exist).


5.Web Dealer Access - The MKS Web Dealer Access (Web Based application for use in a PC based browser, or most mobile devices with browser access) provides the Dealer access to their Account Information with Data Update and Monitoring Related Reporting capabilities for the Dealer, and if granted by that Dealer, customized access for their Sub Dealers and/or Subscribers.

a.View alarm-related events in real time

b.Add new and/or update existing Account Information

c.Put their Accounts on, and take them off Test

d.Cancel Accounts

e.Add new and/or update existing Zones and Call List names and numbers

f.See data in a mobile-friendly Dashboard display format

g.Plus, this module gives your Company's Dealers access without compromising security.

i.Your Company controls the extent of access which each Dealers has.

ii.Confidential Subscriber Account Information stays protected.