Tech/Employee Module tab

This Help File Page was last Modified on 10/01/2017

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Tech/Employee Module tab

This Help File Page was last Modified on 10/01/2017

Complete this Tech/Employee Module tab on the Employee Form as part of the preparation required for using the Web Tech Service.

See the Employee Form - Technician Updates and the General Maintenance Service & Miscellaneous Options chapters for complete information on how to properly establish a Technician for the Service Tracking System.



Web Tech module showing the Work Order Listing in a Web Browser


The Web Tech Service module is a Cloud based Micro Key Solutions provided Service which:

Offers anywhere/anytime access by a Technician to his/her assigned Work Orders

Provides the ability to put an Account on Test, Look up Alarm History and Service History, record Time Sheet information, identify Inventory and Materials used on a Work Order, and Complete their Work Orders

Requires that aTechnician has access to the Internet and has the use of (almost any type of) a Computer or Mobile Device with a standard Web Browser installed.


This Tech/Employee Module tab is used to identify the Access Information required for each Technician who will have permission to use the Web Tech Service.



Employee Form - Tech/Employee Module tab


Entering the Tech/Employee Module tab's information for the Web Tech Service module, as appropriate:

UL® Requirements: As part of properly implementing the Third Edition UL® 1981 Standard, specifically for compliance with section 6.2 Sign-on Security of the Third Edition UL® 1981 Standard:

6.2.1 - The Employee's Password (i.e., Passcode) shall consist of the following:

a)A Username of at least six (6) characters

b)A Password which shall consist of a minimum of six alpha-numeric characters with at least one alpha and one numeric character

6.2.6 - The automation system shall prevent:

a)Repeated passwords, used within the last six changes;

b)Passwords that are a derivative of the user name(s); and

c)Passwords that are simply letters or numbers in order (e.g.: abcd, 1234, etc.).


Login Name - The Login Name (the Database User Name defined on the Security tab).

Login Pwd - The Login Password required to access the MKMS database.

Note: The Login Name and Login Password entered on the Tech Module tab of the Employee Form, must also be entered (by a System Administrator) into the Add/Delete Users Form.

Allow Chat Check this box if aTechnician may implement Live (TextChat between a Technician and the Company Office.

Allow on test - Check this box if aTechnician may Put an Account On Test within the Web Tech Service module.

View Alarm History Off Test - Check this box if a Technician may do so.


Identifying the allowable Technician Days and Times for access to the Web Tech Service module.:

Tech Login Days - Check each Day of the Week when this Technician is permitted to Login.

Time In - Enter the earliest Time that this Technician may Login.

Time out - Enter when this Technician should be logged out for the Day (which must be later than the time entered above).


Warehouse - The Default Warehouse will be the Default option.

If required, use the Drop-Down Selection List provided to Choose a different Default Warehouse for this Technician.

This will be the Warehouse offered as the default for this Technician when entering Inventory Usage within the Web Tech Service module.


Passcode - Enter the appropriate Pass code which this Technician can use to validate themselves when speaking to an Operator.

Access Level - Use the Drop-Down Selection List provided to Choose the appropriate Access Level for this Technician.



Access Level options


Max time on test Measured on Hours, enter the maximum number of Hours that this Technician may Place an Account On Test.

Save - Click the HelpFilesNavigationMenuSaveIcon on the Navigation Menu to save this Tech/Employee Module information.


Last Login - System maintained field.

Note: As indicated above, certain Tech/Employee Module tab fields are currently classified as an Inactive Feature but may become required as more functionality is added to the Web Tech Service in the future.