MKS Connect Service

This Help File Page was last Modified on 01/10/2024

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MKS Connect Service

This Help File Page was last Modified on 01/10/2024

MKS Connect Service is the Windows® Service which processes the MKMS communication requests such as Notification Emails for certain Invoices and Receipts processed by the Fully Automated Recurring Billing process, Signal Processing Notifications, and all other types of Report, Email and Text Communications that are to be sent to Subscribers and/or Dealers.




MKS Connect Service is setup as a service during the initial Installation (or subsequently during an Upgrade process)

Read the Understanding MKS Connect Service chapter for detailed information about setting up MKS Connect Service.


Thereafter, there are two sets of General Maintenance data which must be entered to provide the "instructions" for how the MKS Connect Service should operate.

These are:

1.Customer Connect Schedules - This Schedules Form allows a User to predefine, script, schedule and customize certain types of communications.

2.Customer Connect Ignore Emails - This Ignore Emails Form allows a User to prevent the use of specific Email addresses as may be required.

3.Notification Service Types - The Notification Service Types Form allows a User to modify some of the system's predefined information


Additionally, define the Scheduled Reports information to set up that feature, and use the Customer Connect History (Grid) that provides a Connect Service History Grid


This is a partial list of Company Setting options (which may change from time to time) used by the MKS Connect Service - see Understanding MKS Connect Service - that provides a sense of the various MKS Connect Service processes which may be individually controlled by your Company.




As of MKMS v and MKMSCS v, Micro Key Solutions ("MKS") uses the MKS Connect Service for Low Level Processing and Twilio  ( which provides cloud based IVR and SMS (Voice and Text) communications and many other automated response and reporting services


Note: The Interactive Voice Response ("IVR") and associated Text (SMS) capabilities require Millennium Series MKMS v or later, and MKMSCS v or later.


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