Rich Text Editor

This Help File Page was last Modified on 06/20/2018

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Rich Text Editor

This Help File Page was last Modified on 06/20/2018

There are many times when you want the information you are entering to stand out more clearly on Forms, and on printed Documents - particularly for your Central Station Operators, Accounts Receivable Collectors, and for certain information sent to your Subscribers.

Comment fields usually support the Rich Text Editor function.

The Rich Text Editor allows you to enter bold, italicized and underlined text, tab a line of text, and permits the individual selection of Font type, it's size, its color, and allows you to highlight selected areas of text.

You can Double-Click any Comment type of field to see if the special Rich Text Editor Form appears.

If a Rich Text Editor is available, the Rich Text Editor Form will be displayed.


Rich Text Editor Editor Options Tab:



Rich Text Editor Form


The Ribbon Menu on the Rich Text Editor Form provides many formatting, text maneuvering, and font selections.



Rich Text Editor Form - Ribbon Menu with Editor Options



Rich Text Editor formatting options:


HelpFilesRichTextEditorOptionsPrint     HelpFilesWindowsStandardPrintDialog


Print - Click the Print Icon to open the standard Windows® Print dialog (shown above).





Clipboard - For text editing purposes, after making a Text Selection, this section offers Cut, Copy, Select All, and Paste options.





Editing - This section provides three useful functions:




1.Find - Use to locate a specific word or phrase within a large text.




2.Replace - Use to locate a specific word or phrase and replace it, when found, with a different word or phrase.




3.Clear - This option - after confirmation - will remove all text from the editing section of the Editor Options Tab.






Paragraph - Set accents (bold, italics, underline), position (left justified, centered, right justified), Bullets, and Highlights



Font & Color


Font - Select the text you desire to be change, then use the appropriate Drop-Down Selection List to select the desired Font, Font Color, and/or Font Size.  




Click the Save Icon to record the entry (changes).

If you attempt to Close the Rich Text Edit Form without saving your entry (changes), a reminder message will be displayed.



Save Changes?


If changes have been made, Click Yes to Confirm that they are to be saved.