Version 5.1.33.X Service Tracking New Features

This Help File Page was last Modified on 06/24/2013

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Version 5.1.33.X Service Tracking New Features

This Help File Page was last Modified on 06/24/2013

Welcome to the Summary Page which describes the major New Features in the Service Tracking System within the MKMS Version 5.1.33.X Release.

This New Features Table contains three columns of data relating to each of these New features:

1.Program Module(s) Affected - This column lists the specific modules that were improved.

2.Chapter Links - This column lists of the link(s) to the chapter(s) where the previous instructions, illustrations and explanations have been revised to reflect the program changes and/or enhancements.

3.Description of the Enhancement - A brief explanation of the new features, functions and enhancements that have been added in this release with links to all of the affected chapters and some related chapters, also.


Understanding the New features Chart:

All of the Program Module(s) that are Affected are listed.

The Chapter Links are provided for finding the instructions, illustrations, and details on the operation and usage of the new feature(s).

A brief Description of the Enhancement is shown, sometimes with additional Chapter Links.


Program Module(s) Affected

Chapter Links

Description of the Enhancement

Service Tracking System


My Appointments - Lists, determined by the selected Configuration Option, the current Technician and/or other Employee of theirAppointments for Today or the current Work Week (Mon - Fri) that have been previously entered for the current User.

Service Tracking System

Web Tech Service

Service Request

A new Show on Work Order / Service Request Check box is now available to indicate that this Sale-Purchase Item has been assigned an Item Type of Sale or Both and might be needed when recording the use of Inventory and/or Materials on a Service Request.

By Not Checking this box, theSale-Purchase Item will not be included in the Drop-Down Selection List  lists that are provided to a Technician working in the field using the Web Tech Service or to any User recording information within the Inventory and/or Materials tab on a Service Request Form.

The result is that any Sale-Purchase Items used to identify Purchases or Sales that are unrelated to providing Service to Subscribers will be eliminated from the list - making that Selection process easier and faster.

Service Tracking System

Installed Equipment

HelpFilesEquipmentCodeLookUpIconEquipment Code Look-up Icon has been added to the Installed Equipment Form in the Service Tracking System.

Click the Equipment Code Icon to view a sub-menu providing access to Installation and/or Operating Instructions and Associated Documents.


If one of these is not available, that menu option will be gray.

If neither are available, the Equipment Code Icon will not be displayed at all.

Service Tracking System

Service Tracking Reports

The following Service Tracking Reports had their User Interface improved (to include an Options tab, a Preview tab, and in most cases a Data View tab):

Determine Excessive Service

No Service Since

Eligible for Service Contract

Subscriber Service Labels

Technician Activity Report

Technician Performance Report

Time Sheets

Work Order Detail Report

Open Service Requests

Recurring Service Preview

Services Performed Report

Unassigned Service Requests

Work Orders Not Invoiced

Service Tracking System

Service Types

Each Service Type record may now have any number of Service Categories identified (think of these as new service type sub-categories).  

Once the Service Type Code has been selected for a Service Request, one of these new service type sub-categories may also be assigned to a Service Request when it is created.

Service Tracking System

Technician Scheduling

Appointment Editor

Service Requests

The Work Orders List on the Technician Scheduling Form now includes a PRIORITY Column and so the Work Orders may now be sorted in Priority Order by Clicking on that Column's Header.

The Appointment Editor no longer has a Priority field because the Priority Level is set on the Service Request Form.

Service Tracking System

Technician Scheduling

You may now have the system automatically Refresh the Technician Scheduling data periodically.

To do so, on the Maintenance Menu Choose the User Options Form and Select the Company tab and then Click the Company Settings button.

Set the two options listed below, as appropriate for your needs:

1.Auto Refresh Schedule - When the AutoRefreshSchedule option is set to True ("T") an Auto Refresh Process will be run on the Technician Schedule Form regularly (based on the number of Seconds specified in the AutoRefreshScheduleInterval below.

2.Auto Refresh Schedule Interval -When the AutoRefreshSchedule option above is set to True ("T"), the AutoRefreshScheduleInterval value that is set here will determine the time (in Seconds) between each Auto Refresh Process.

Service Tracking System

Technician Status

The Technician Status Form in the Service Tracking System may now be opened with the F5 function key within MKMS while viewing any other Form at the same time.

A Technician Status Note is no longer are saved as Rich Text Edit entry.

Service Tracking System

Coverage Areas


Service Request

Quick Work Order

Subscriber Information

The new Coverage Areas tab on the Employee Form should be completed when starting the Service Tracking System module.

The Employee must be assigned the Type of Technician (or All) before you can access the Coverage Areas tab.

Assigning an Employee - who is identified as a Technician - a Regional Work Order Coverage Area based on specified Zip Codes will make it is easier for the Service Manager (or Scheduler) to make Service Request assignments.


Click the HelpFilesGoogleMapsIconIcon to open a Digital Map Display showing the exact location of a Subscriber.

Technicians having a Coverage Area Zip Code that matches that of the Subscriber, now will also be identified on this map.

This feature is available on the Service Request, Quick Work Order, and Subscriber Information Forms.

Service Tracking System

Work Order Resolution

Service Calls by Resolution

The new Work Order Resolution Form allows you to define Work Order Resolution Codes that are used - when you Complete a Service Request and/or while using the Work Order Invoicing & Review Form which allows a User to invoice and complete a Service Request - to identify why and how these Work Orders were required and completed.

The new Service Calls by Resolution report provides the ability to  filter and analyze this Work Order Resolution data.

Service Tracking System

Print Service Request Forms

Service Request

Installation List tab

Job Task tab on Proposal Form

The revised Print Service Request Forms dialog - offered on the   Service Request Form and as the Service Tracking Report menu's Service Request Forms option - now allows an Installation Order selection for the Work Order Type in addition to the Standard Work Order, the Fire Alarm Test and Fire Extinguisher Test options.

When the assigned Work Order Type on Service Request Form (see the Entering a Service Request chapter) is Installation Order, a Work Order with a Page 2 containing the Parts List will now be printed.

If printing an Installation Order within a Service Request Form, the Page 2 containing the Parts List will also be printed.

A new Print Icon on the Installation List tab on the Service Request Form will now print a "stand-alone" Parts List.

Job Tasks defined on a Proposal may also be assigned a Work Order Type of Installation Order.

Service Tracking System

Service Request

Starting a New Service Request

Quick Work Order

If a Subscriber has one or more pending Work Order, a Balance that is Past Due and/or is out of Warranty (or has a Contract that has expired), a new style of warning message will be displayed - showing all of the issues with this account - before the Service Request Form is opened. (See the Starting a New Service Request chapter for more information about dealing with these issues..

Service Tracking System

Eligible For Service Contract

A new Eligible For Service Contract report Options tab that allows either:

The designation of a Date Range, within which the Subscriber's Warranty will expire, or

The listing of all Subscribers who have not contracted for a Service Agreement.