Reporting Accounts Payable System Results

This Help File Page was last Modified on 04/24/2018

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Reporting Accounts Payable System Results

This Help File Page was last Modified on 04/24/2018

Reporting the Results of your Company's Accounts Payable Transactions

You put all of this data and transactional information into the Accounts Payable System,

But now you need to get that information out, in the order you need it, separated and sorted as you need it, and only for transactions that occurred within the dates you require.

To view a list of the available Accounts Payable System Reports:

a)From the Backstage Menu System Select Reports then Choose Payable Reports, or

b)From the Quick Access Menu, Select Reports then Choose Payable Reports


Click on the desired Report option and access the links in the list shown below for that report's specific instructions.



Accounts Payable System Reports


Accounts Payable System related Reports:

1.Accounts Payable As Of Report - The Accounts Payable As Of Form provides an anytime "look-back" Listing of Vendors (with an Aging of any Outstanding Balance owed to them) that may be produced (i.e., Viewed, Printed, Exported) for any Date within any Month in the past for which Purchase and Payment records have been entered in the MKMS Accounts Payable System module.

2.Bills on Payment Hold - Lists all Bills which are currently on Hold for Payment (a Check is in the Hold Payment box on that Bills Form).

3.Cash Requirements - Based on the Due Date you specify, lists all Bills that have to be paid by that Due Date.

4.Check Register - Based on the Date Range you set, lists all Checks that have been Printed plus those Check Numbers that have been Voided, and Bank Transactions assigned information in that Form's Check Number field.  

If requested, it will also list each Receipt, if desired thereby providing a complete listing of every Transaction that affects the Company's Cash Account(s).

5.Credits Issued - Reports all Credits that have been Allocated to specific Bills.

6.Form 1099 Report - Lists each Vendor who has reached the threshold for 1099 reporting to the Internal Revenue Service.

7.Inventory Delivery - Reports a list of Inventory Items which are expected within a specified Date Range, and may be limited to a specific Part and/or a specific Warehouse.

8.Missing Checks - Presents a dialog for Identifying, Listing, and Printing a list of Missing Check Numbers for a Selected Bank

9.Print Checks - Just as it says.

10.Purchase Analysis - Based on the Date Range you set, reports Purchases by Purchase Category.

11.Purchase Category Codes - Lists all of the Purchase Category Codes that have been defined.

12.Purchases by Month by Year - Provides a graphic analysis and tabular (spreadsheet like) chart summarizing the value of those Purchases made each month for the last five years.

13.Purchase Orders (Listing) - Provides a List of Purchase Orders based on a variety of Selection Criteria you may specify.

14.Purchase Orders Line Items List (Grid) - Provides a fully functioning Grid dialog that presents a list of Detail Line Items of Purchase Orders which includes their Purchase Category, Date of Purchase, Vendor, Warehouse, etc., and may be viewed, sorted, filtered, reconfigured, printed, emailed, and/or exported.

15.Recurring Purchases Listing - Lists all of the Recurring Purchases that are active, and any - billed but unpaid - with an outstanding balance.

16.Recurring Purchases Preview - Allows you see to a list of all Recurring Purchases that will be Billed for a month you specify.

17.Taxes Billed - Provides a list of all Bills entered for a specified Date Range, and which - and at what rate - of each of the Bill's Invoice Items were charged Sales Tax.

18.Unallocated Payments/Credits - Lists all Payments and Credits that have not yet been Allocated to specific Invoices (Bills).

19.UnPrinted Checks - Reports all Payments that have been entered, but have not actually had Checks printed for them.

20.UnReconciled Items - Reports all Cash Transactions that have yet to be Reconciled using the Bank Reconciliation Form

21.Vendor Ledger Card - This Menu Option is only available when there is a currently selected Vendor displayed, provides a traditional Ledger Card report.

22.Vendor Purchase History - This Menu Option (see illustration below) is only available when there is a currently selected Vendor displayed, provides a complete History of all Purchases made from this Vendor.

23.Vendor Listing - Provides a list of Vendors with basic location and contact information.



Menu with the Vendor Purchase History

  and the Vendor Ledger Card options