This Help File Page was last Modified on 10/12/2017

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This Help File Page was last Modified on 10/12/2017

ExecKey is used to view your Company’s Financial Status

Today’s executives are no longer in an office, at their desk from 8-5.

Because of this, it is more important than ever for them to find ways to know what is going on with their business responsibilities.

ExecKey allows those key executives to stay connected with your Company's financial status at anytime, and anywhere.


Using ExecKey, you will no longer suffer from:

1)Limited access to important financial reports?

2)Annoying back-and-forth calls to accounting?

3)No access to real-time financial information?


The ExecKey is a Cloud Based Application designed for the Apple® iPad.



ExecKey Icon


Working in conjunction with the Micro Key Millennium Series Alarm Company Management software (specifically its Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable and General Ledger modules):

a)ExecKey provides an essential tool for the key executives within your Company's Sales Team.

b)ExecKey is available in the App Store for the iPhone®, iPad®, and iPad Touch®.


ExecKey gives your Company's leaders the confidence of knowing they can work where they want, and when they want, because it provides:

Customized reporting to view data daily, monthly or quarterly

Control of executive team access based on need and/or responsibility

Crucial financial information, including specific accounts receivable, accounts payable and general ledger information

Financial tracking of sales, attrition, R.M.R., cash receipts, P&L, bank balances and much more


Getting Started with the ExecKey App:

Download the ExecKey App from the App Store

Get your User Name, Password and Client ID from the Company's System Administrator.

Open the ExecKey App



ExecKey - Login dialog - User Name and Password


Enter your User Name, Password

Client ID - The Client ID is only necessary when initially signing on using this device (e.g., your iPhone®, iPad®, and/or iPad Touch®).



ExecKey - Login dialog - Client ID field


Log in - Tap the Log in button.


Understanding the ExecKey App:

There are three (3) main tabs shown on the ExecKey screen:

1.Accounts Receivable - This tab offers five (5) sub-tab options, which when selected, will display that type of data.



ExecKey dialog - Accounts Receivable tab and sub-tabs


2.Accounts Payable - This tab offers two (2) sub-tab options, which when selected, will display that type of data.



ExecKey dialog - Accounts Payable tab and sub-tabs


3.General Ledger - This tab offers one (1) sub-tab option, which when selected, will display that type of data.



ExecKey dialog - General Ledger tab and sub-tab


HelpFilesWidgetsMaintenanceIcon- Tap the System Icon to re-enter (change) your Client ID.



ExecKey dialog - System - Client ID


Client ID - Re-enter (or change) your Client ID assigned by the Company's System Administrator.

Save - Tap the Save button (you may have to log in again).


Logout - Tap this button to end your ExecKey session.