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Daily Operations

This Help File Page was last Modified on 11/04/2015

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Daily Operations

This Help File Page was last Modified on 11/04/2015

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Daily Operations

This Help File Page was last Modified on 11/04/2015

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The purpose of this Daily Operations chapter is to:

Provide basic information about using this Service Tracking System to better manage/track/perform the typical Daily Operations required in most Service Departments

Explain how MKMS helps to accomplish each of these Daily Operation tasks.

Identify the appropriate links to the chapters with specific information about performing each of these Daily Operation tasks.


The outline below lists, displays the appropriate link, and briefly describes the type Daily Operations that are generally required to run a Service Department.

Set Up Service Accounts - Initialize any new (and if not done previously, existing) Subscribers for the Service Tracking System as needed by completing the items which will prepare each Subscriber for the Service module.

1.Service Information - Complete the Service Info Section within the Edit View of the Subscribers Form.

2.Auto Service Requirements - Identify any recurring service requirements for these Subscriber.

3.Service Contracts - Record the Subscriber's newly purchased Service Contract(s).

4.Installed Equipment - Define the new or revised system's installation information.


Process Requests for Service - Enter each Subscriber's request for service

a.Use the standard, full length Work Order Form if time allows.

b.Use the Quick Work Order Form for the fastest initial service request entry.


Schedule Service Requests - Schedule the Work Orders as needed.

a.Assign a specific Technician to unscheduled Work Orders and set an Appointment for a specific day and time using the Technician Scheduling Form.

b.Each Technician's Schedule may be printed for any required day.


Confirm/Change Technicians Work Status - The Technician Status Form shows the currently reported status of each Technician.

1.Update the current Status of each Technician whenever it changes.

2.Provides direct access to the Technician Scheduling Form for the currently selected Technician.

3.Display the Work Order Detail, as needed, for an assigned Work Order.

4.Remove a Technician from the Technician Status Form, if terminated.


Post Time Sheet entries - Enter the Technician's Labor Hours worked and Labor Rate paid:

a.Use the Time Sheets Form or

b.Use the Labor Info Box on the standard, full length Work Order Form.


Complete the Work Orders - Enter the information required for each completed Work Order:

Use the standard, full length Work Order Form or

Use the Work Order Completion & Review Form


MKS Service Dashboard - This stand-alone application provides a continuous overview of four service related Lists - each displayed in its own tab

1.Unscheduled Appointments

2.Today Schedules

3.Tech Status

4.Tech Schedules


Invoice Work Orders - Using either the Work Order Form or the Work Order Completion & Review Form, finish entering the information pertaining to the charges incurred for each completed Work Order.

a.Create the required Invoices in a virtually automatic way, use the Invoicing Function available on either of these Forms.

b.These Work Order Invoices may also be modified later, if required.

c.Optionally, the Invoices Form may be used to manually bill the completed Work Orders.


Printing Options - Certain reports and documents may be used to more effectively accomplish the Daily Operations listed above:

Print the Work Orders for Today using the Service Request Forms report which has a print function that provides powerful Work Order printing options that will:

1.Print Blank Work Orders

2.Print all Un-Printed Work Orders

3.Print All Work Orders for a Specific Day (i.e., Today) based on:

a.When they were originally requested.

b.When they are actually scheduled.

c.For a specific Technician (or all of them).

d.Based on the assigned Work Order Type (Regular Work Order, Fire Alarm Test, Extinguisher Inspection, Installation List, or all of > these).

e.Any combination of these options.


Print the daily Schedule of work for each Technicians.

Each Technician's Schedule may be printed for any required day.


Print the Open Service Requests report to identify what still needs to be completed from previous days.


Print the list of Unassigned Service Requests to identify which Work Orders must still be assigned to a Technician.


Print the Work Orders Not Invoiced report to determine which should be reviewed and billed.


Print the Review Technician Performance report to analyze the performance and efficiency of each Technician.