Shortcuts tab

This Help File Page was issued on 09/30/2017

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Shortcuts tab

This Help File Page was issued on 09/30/2017

Using the Central Station Monitoring module's Shortcuts Tool Bar tab:



Central Station Monitoring module - Shortcuts tab on the MKMSCS Desktop's Ribbon Menu


To activate a Form or feature shown on the Shortcuts tab,

Click that Icon or, when available,

Press the indicated (combination of) Function Key(s).  


Note: Most of the functions and look-ups needed for normal Alarm Signal Processing are accessible from within the Shortcuts tab.  


These (mostly Function Key accessible) options include:

a.Sub Info (F2) - Press F2 to Select a Subscriber and view all of their Information.

b.Customer Note - Press Shift+F3 to Select a Subscriber and enter a Note or Comment.

c.Dealers (F3) - Press F3 to locate and view Dealer information.

d.On Test (F5) - Press F5 to view/add/delete Accounts that have been, or will be placed On-Test.

e.Manual Signal (F7) - Press F7 to enter an Alarm Signal manually.

f.Alarm Stack (F8) - Press F8 to view the Alarm Stack.

g.Processing (F9) - Press F9 to start the Alarm Signal Processing function.

h.Events (F10) - Press F10 to view the Events dialog.

i.Work Order - Press Shift+F10 to open the Quick Work Order Form.

j.Alarm History - Press Shift+F4 to open the Alarm History Lookup dialog.

k.Exit - Click Exit to close the Central Station Monitoring Application.

l.Hang Up - Disconnects the active modem from the current telephone call.

m.Docking Options - Opens the Docking Options Drop-Down Menu

n.Help - Accesses the Help Files Table of Contents and/or Search tab