Payables - Maintenance Menu Entries

This Help File Page was last Modified on 01/06/2018

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Payables - Maintenance Menu Entries

This Help File Page was last Modified on 01/06/2018

To review: Setting up the Accounts Payable System module is a step-by-step process - just like all of the other MKMS modules.

A.There are several Maintenance Menu options that must be addressed to properly start the Accounts Payable module, complete each of these entries, as may be appropriate for your Company.

1.Define Vendor Classification Codes to establish a method of grouping Vendors based on how your Company interacts with them.

2.Define your Company's usually chosen Shipping Methods.

3.Create/Review the codes and descriptions of Purchase Categories for the generic groupings of the goods and services your Company will be buying, and specific identifications of the Parts your Company will be purchasing for resale/installations.

4.Identify the Banks that will be used by your Company (this step would already be completed if your Company is using the Receivables module).

5.Then, if your Company will use Credits Cards to Pay Bills,

a.Enter a Vendor record for each Credit Card that will be used for that purpose,

b.Enter the associated Purchase Category, then

c.Identify each of the Credit Cards that may be used to Pay a Bill (see the Credit Card Maintenance & Tracking chapter for detailed instructions).


B.Also, review the Departments and Divisions (if implemented in the Accounts Receivable module) chapters because this information will also be incorporated in the Accounts Payable module, because if the General Ledger System will be implemented in the near future, this Departments and/or Divisions issue is important to understand now.


What's Next? - 

After I've finished the items outlined above:

1.Update the User Options information to set the starting number for your Company's Purchase Orders

2.Identify your Company's Vendors

3.Establish the Starting Balance for each Vendor

4.Define all of the Recurring Purchases (e.g., Rent, Vehicle Payments, Copier Service Contracts, Loans) your Company purchases (and pays) on a regular basis from any Vendor