Web Tech Setup & Login

This Help File Page was last Modified on 03/01/2018

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Web Tech Setup & Login

This Help File Page was last Modified on 03/01/2018

The Web Tech™ Service module Setup Instructions:

1.Order the Web Tech™ Service module from Micro Key Solutionsand request your Web Address.

This same Web Address will be used by all of the Technicians working for your Company who require access to the Web Tech™ Service module.

No software installation is required on any computer or mobile device using the Web Tech™ Service module except for a standard Web Browser.

Each of your Technicians will then be assigned a personal Username and Password combination (see 2. a. - c. below) which will provide access to only those Service Requests that have been Scheduled for that Technician.


2.For each Technician who will need access to the Web Tech™ Service module, enter the designated information - as identified below - on the specified tabs within an Employee Form:

a.Personal tab - Enter the basic Technician information and, using the Drop-Down Selection List provided, assign Technician as their Employee's Type, keeping in mind that the Employee must be Active - no Ends date can be entered.



Employee Form - Personal tab


b.Security tab - Enter their Database User Name which provides access to the MKMS database, and assign the Technician to the appropriate Security Access Group so they have the appropriate Access Rights to the Service Tracking System information.



Employee Form - Security tab


c.Tech/Employee Module tab - This tab on the Employee Form identifies the Access Information required for each Technician who needs permission to use the Web Tech Service.

Information required includes the Login Name (the Database User Name as explained above) and the Login Password required to access the MKMS database, as well as identifying the allowable Technician Login Days and Times when their Access is to be permitted.

Important Note: The Login Name and Login Pwd (Password) identified on this Tech/Employee Module tab must also be entered - by a System Administrator - into the Add/Delete Users Form.



Employee Form - Tech/Employee Module tab


3.Create any custom Work Order Fields as needed.



Work Order Fields dialog


This Work Order Fields option allows you to define up to 40 Custom Work Order Fields which, once defined, would appear in the Work Order Completion section of the Web Tech Work Order Form (See the Web Tech Work Order Completion chapter for more information).


4.Create the Task Types that will be used to identify the type of work which a Technician will need to complete



Task Types Form


5.Test the Web Tech™ Service module connection for each Technician.

This Web Tech Service Test may be performed using any Computer or Mobile Device with a Web Browser installed and Internet Access available.

Simply type the assigned Web Address into the Web Browser and Press Enter.



Micro Key Web Tech module - Login page


The Web Tech Login Page should be displayed momentarily.

Enter an assigned Username and Password for one of your Technicians.

Click the Login button.

That Technician's currently assigned Work Orders for Today will be displayed.

You may expand the list of Work Orders (if none are Scheduled for this Technician for Today) using the Web Tech options explained in the Using Web Tech Service chapter.


Also, you may want to read the An Overview for the Service Manager chapter for more helpful information.


What's Next?

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