Prospects Form Actions Icons

This Help File Page was last Modified on 09/11/2021

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Prospects Form Actions Icons

This Help File Page was last Modified on 09/11/2021

Actions Icons - These Actions Icons provide enhanced Prospects Form features for use within the Prospect Tracking System

Note: The Add or Remove Buttons option - accessed by selecting the Down-Arrow at the top of the Subscribers, Prospect, and Vendor Forms - will allow the User to Customize the content of the Quick Access Tool Bar on these Forms.




Calls - Click the Calls Icon which opens the Calls dialog which allows you to enter the time, date, comments and results of an Account related Telephone Call -  both Incoming and Outgoing.




Dial - Click the Dial Icon.




The Dial Icon is available on the Subscribers, Prospects, and Vendors Forms and within the Monitoring module.


Select the number to dial - Click the button representing the Telephone Number that is to be dialed.

You must have a modem attached to your computer and a telephone line connected to the modem.

Your modem must be defined in your Personal User Options.

Dial - Click the Dial button.




Be sure to Click Hang Up to release the modem from the telephone line connected to the modem.


Documents - Click the Documents Icon to have access to the Document stored for this Prospect.




Click the Documents Icon and Select one of those Document Titles to open that specific Document immediately.




Click on any Document Title on the list to Open that Document.


See the Documents instructions chapter for more information


External Services - Click the small down arrow 6 on the External Service Icon to display the Drop-Down Selections list of previously defined External Services made available to the Prospects Form




Favorites - Click the Favorites option to identify a Favorite Prospect



On a Prospect record which has previously been identified Favorite Prospect, Click the Favorite Icon to de-select the Prospect as a Favorite.

To quickly go to a previously identified Favorite Prospect record use the Favorite Icon's Down-Arrow Menu to open its Drop-Down Selections List with the list of previously identified Favorite Prospect records

Select the required Prospect record to immediately open that record.


Filter - Provides the ability to apply or un-apply a Prospect Filter to the Prospects Form




Reports - Click the small down arrow 6 on the Reports Icon to display the Drop-Down Selections list from which the Prospect Information Report dialog may be opened pre-populated with the current Prospect Information.





Prospect Information Report - Options tab


The Filter option is not available when the Prospect Information Report is selected using the Prospects Form's Reports Icon.


Email - Click the Email Icon to open the Email Dialog (e.g., using Outlook©, or whatever Email protocol is being used) to send an Email to this Prospect.



Actions - Email Icon


The Email option will activate your Email utility (e.g., Outlook®, etc.) and - as illustrated below -  insert the Email Address(es) identified for this Prospect.



Prospect Form - Email Icon - Outlook message dialog


See the Contacts discussion in the Subscriber Information chapter for alternate Emailing instructions.