Version 5.1.32.x New Features

This Help File Page was last Modified on 02/01/2012

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Version 5.1.32.x New Features

This Help File Page was last Modified on 02/01/2012

There are several New Features and modifications of existing ones in the Millennium Series User Interface for the MKMS Version 5.1.32.X

The New Features Table below contains three columns of data relating to each of these New features:

1.Program Module Affected - This column lists the specific modules that were improved.

2.Chapter Links - This column lists of the link(s) to the chapter(s) where the previous instructions, illustrations and explanations have been revised to reflect the program changes and/or enhancements.

3.Description of the Enhancement - A brief explanation of the new features, functions and enhancements that have been added in this release with links to all of the affected chapters and some related chapters, also.


Program Module(s) Affected

Chapter Link

Description of the Enhancement

Millennium Series User Interface

Advanced Search


Setting the Order of the Drop-Down Selection List

Re-Order Table View Data & Header Names




1.The Search By selection becomes the active User's default choice the next time that Form is opened for any Advanced Search.

2.This Main Outlook® Style Menu Bar may be temporarily hidden when more space is needed on the MKMS desktop.  

Click the double left arrows << to close the menu, and Click the double right arrows >> to open it again.

3.You may now create Favorite records which can then be selected using the Main Menu's Favorites option, or the Favorites Icon on the Subscribers, Prospects, and Vendors Forms.

4.You may now Set the Order of the Drop-Down Selection List in many places throughout MKMS, and the List Order chosen by a User becomes their new default List Order.

5.You may Re-Order the Data Listed and the Order that the Header Names are shown in the Table View on most Maintenance related Forms as well as some other data entry Forms.

Millennium User Interface

Tabbed Forms & Reports

Company Settings

Sorting & Selecting from the Table View tab:

Now you can Sort the records displayed in any Table View tab by Clicking a selected column's Title bar.

The sorted order of that column will be reversed (highest to lowest versus lowest to highest - alphabetically or numerically with a Sort Icon indicating the direction of the sort.

Click a selected column's Title bar, again and the sorted order of that column will again reverse (lowest to highest versus highest to lowest - alphabetically or numerically.


You may Double-Click anywhere on a record row to Choose that record and instantly display it in the Form's Edit View tab.

You may also Double-Click on any column's Title bar to return to the Edit View tab.

You may Click the Company Settings button on the User Options Form's Company tab to (re-)set availability to those features that previously required Technical Support  to implement.