Re-Ordering Data Grid Columns & Header Names

This Help File Page was last Modified on 06/20/2018

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Re-Ordering Data Grid Columns & Header Names

This Help File Page was last Modified on 06/20/2018

A tabular (spreadsheet style) View of a set of records is displayed within a List View, which, when this option is selected, will usually replace the existing Record View of the Form.




Data Grid List Ordering - Click the List Icon which is usually within the Actions section of the Ribbon Menu of the Form

There are always two or more columns of Data Grid

Each column's Header Name describes the Data contained in that column.

You may Re-Order the Data listed within the Data Grid.

To (re-)set the sorting Order of the data that's listed, Click on a Header Name.  

Each Click switches the listed data's Order (alphabetical or numerical, lowest to highest or highest to lowest).

The Header Name that is determining the Order of the list will have an Arrow Icon indicating the Order displayed next to that Header Name.



   indicates sorted order


The Arrow next to the Header Name indicates the column that is determining the sorted order of the Grid Data.

o~ indicates lowest to highest (a-z or 1 - 9)

o indicates highest to lowest (z-a or 9-1).


Data Grid Header Name Sequence - You may (re-)set the Sequence in which the data's Header Names are displayed within a Data Grid

To do so, using the standard Windows® Drag & Drop method, drag any Header Name to the desired location and then release it.

That column and its related data will be moved to the new location.



Each Column's Header Name may be relocated


The new Header Name Location will be saved, on a User by User basis.

If the User resets the Sorted Order, the Header Names will revert to the default sequence and must again be relocated, if desired.


Custom Grid Filters - The information Listed within the Grid may often be filtered - as needed - to define which records are displayed within that Data Grid,

Data Grids have many other capabilities, some or all of which may be available based on the purpose and/or function of that specific Data Grid.