Monitoring related Utilities

This Help File Page was last Modified on 02/06/2018

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Monitoring related Utilities

This Help File Page was last Modified on 02/06/2018

Periodically (see last Modified Date above), this list will be updated as Monitoring Related Utilities are developed further and new applications are added.


1.Alarm Stack - Stand-alone application that provides a complete (or optionally, a filtered) list of Alarms Signals currently available for processing, or actually being processed in your Central Station.

2.All Events - Stand-alone application that provides a continuously updated list of the Alarm Signals and Events being processed in your Central Station.

3.Archive - Stand-alone application that provides

4.Back Up Database - Facilitates making backups, is the MKMS Backup Database File utility within the MKMS application.

5.MKS Cluster is an application which synchronizes real time database backup between multiple File Servers and monitors the database server.

a)Provides a live transactional backup of the log file for the active MKMSDefault.db file;

b)Supervises the Primary (owner) and Backup (secondary) Servers for a failure or either the Primary (e.g., Server 1), or Backup (e.g., Server 2);

c)Once the programmable failure notification time (in seconds) as expired,

i.MKS Cluster will start the Backup database server

ii.MKS Cluster will start SPA on that Backup database server

6.Update Forms Table - Installs the Forms.txt file that includes the internal instructions for installing the additional Form Names that are included with a major new upgrade.

7.Validate Databases - Validate your database structure(s).

8.Validate Documents - This is the Validate Documents Form that allows the User to Confirm the existence (or lack of the same) of all - or selected type(s) of - Form(s), View the contents of these Form(s) and Remove them from thee List of previously identified and assigned Documents.

9.MKS Database Console - Provides several types of database related information, displayed on four (4) tabs, as well as the Adaptive Server Anywhere® Network Server log.

10.Videofied Direct View - This chapter will be updated periodically as this application is further integrated into MKMSCS.