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This Help File Page was issued on 09/30/2017

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Comments sub-tab

This Help File Page was issued on 09/30/2017

The Comments sub-tab next to the General sub-tab on the Contacts tab - one of the Processing & Information Tabs on the Signal Processing Form - displays the Comments entered in the People To Call Form for the currently selected Contact person.




When an Alarm Signal is first acknowledged, the Subscriber's default Call Order (or the Call Order for the specially defined CSID Zone being reported) dictates the first person to be notified after the Verification and Dispatch procedures have been performed.

If the Notification Contact has a comment defined in their People To Call record:



Comments sub-tab on the Contacts tab


The Comments sub tab will be shown with that Comment displayed.

A SEE COMMENTS message may be flashing.

If the Comment field of the People To Call record for the currently selected person is blank, the General sub-tab will be shown.

Thereafter, during the Notification process, if a Comment has been entered for the currently selected contact person, the Comments sub-tab will be shown, otherwise the General sub-tab will be shown.

Regardless of which sub-tab is currently active, the functionality of all buttons remains the same:

The Quick Dial Buttons located below the Contacts tab, and




The Page and/or Email buttons on the General sub-tab



Communication Buttons