STARK 5.2.0.XXX SPA New Features

This Help File Page was issued on 09/30/2017

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STARK 5.2.0.XXX SPA New Features

This Help File Page was issued on 09/30/2017

Welcome to the Summary Page which describes the major New Features in the Signal Processing Application within the MKMS STARK Version 5.1.35.XXXX and up to the SPA Releases.

This New Features Table contains three columns of data relating to each of these New features:

1.Program Module(s) Affected - This column lists the specific modules that were improved.

2.Chapter Links - This column lists of the link(s) to the chapter(s) where the previous instructions, illustrations and explanations have been revised to reflect the program changes and/or enhancements.

3.Description of the Enhancement - A brief explanation of the new features, functions and enhancements that have been added in this release with links to all of the affected chapters and some related chapters, also.


Understanding the New features Chart:

All of the Program Module(s) that are Affected are listed.

The Chapter Links are provided for finding the instructions, illustrations, and details on the operation and usage of the new feature(s).

A brief Description of the Enhancement is shown, sometimes with additional Chapter Links.


Program Module(s) Affected

Chapter Links

Description of the Enhancement




Central Station Monitoring

New SPA Icon and interface, and Version number with special internal enhancements to comply with certain UL® requirements.


SPA - System Menu Options

Certain menu options have been updated and a new one added:

Alarm Stack has been updated.

Events list has been updated

Refresh Log option and been eliminated

A new Log Verbosity Selector has been added to Configure what data is to be included in the Log Files


Log Verbosity Selector

This new option on the SPA - System Menu provides the ability to identify what data is to be reported (included) in the SPA Log File.


Send Log

This Send Log option on the SPA Main Menu is used to send follow up information (e3.g., log files, screen images, user documents) to Tech Support after reporting an issue with SPA.


Several additional SPA screen and feature updates.


Xml MicroKey Receiver Driver

The Xml MicroKey Receiver Driver has a new /NoACKNAK "Driver Option" which would be entered in the Driver Option column located on the IP Port tab in the SPA Setup Form

It shuts off the ACK/NAK response normally sent from the Xml MicroKey Driver

It uses the new (available) Company Settings option named PulseUnattendedRelay which must be defined in Company Settings table (see below)

Because of this, it is important to Check the Supervise Receivers field's box found on the System tab in the SPA Setup Form when you implement this /NoACKNAK option.


Company Settings

There is a new (available) Company Settings option named PulseUnattendedRelay which must be defined in Company Settings table and when used, is set to True ("T").

When PulseUnattendedRelay is set to True ("T"), SPA will pulse the designated Unattended Alarms relay for 1 second when one or more new (30 seconds of age or less) A126 - Unattended Alarms Activation records are detected in the Alarm History table. 

oThere is a 60 second anti-race condition timer that limits the maximum Unattended Alarms Activation relay pulse rate to once per minute. 

oThis implies that there would have to be new A126 - Unattended Alarms Activation - records in Alarm History after the initial 1 minute period. 

Setting the PulseUnattendedRelay option to False ("F") causes the Unattended Alarms (see User Options > Central Station Options > Alerts tab > Unattended Alarms) relay to remain on until all the A126 - Unattended Alarms Activation alarm records age to 30 seconds or older, which is the original behavior.  

oTherefore, PulseUnattendedRelay defaults to False ("F") if you do not add it to the Company Settings table.