Daily Procedures

This Help File Page was last Modified on 05/14/2023

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Daily Procedures

This Help File Page was last Modified on 05/14/2023

The Accounts Payable module's typical Daily Procedures:

1.Enter New Vendors resulting from new Purchases.



Vendors Form


2.Enter new Purchase Orders for those Goods and Services which are being tracked in that manner.



Purchase Order Form


3.Identify new Purchases from the Bills that are received.



Accounts Payable System - Bill Form


4.Determine what needs to be paid using the Cash Requirements Report



 Cash Requirements Report dialog


5.Pay Invoices that are due by an Amount or by selected Disbursements to specific Invoices.



Disbursements Form


6.Print Checks for the Bills you have paid.



Print Checks dialog


7.Void Unused Checks that may have been destroyed.



   Void Unused Check dialog


8.Enter any required Bank Transactions such as Bank to Bank Transfers.



Bank Transactions Form - Bank Transfer dialog


9.Also, in the File Menu there is a Payable option that provides access to many other Accounts Payable related processes