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This Help File Page was last Modified on 06/01/2016

The Calls dialog allows you to enter the time, date, comments and results of an Account related Telephone Call - both Incoming and Outgoing.

You must define Call Sources before you can use this Calls feature.

Note: This Calls dialog is also available on the Subscriber Information Form's Subscriber Options Menu and  the Prospect Information Form's Prospect Options Menu.


The Calls Form consists of two main areas:

1.Call History List - Lists each previously entered Call record (shown on the left side of the Form).

2.Call Detail Entry - Provides the fields to define the caller (Initiated By), purpose (Source), Call Type and current status (Call Status), calculate the time  required (Call Duration) and enter notes (Call Info) relating to the Call.



Click the Calls Icon on the Actions Menu at the top of the Vendors Form to open the Calls dialog




See this Calls chapter for more information about how to use the features on this Calls Form.