Schedule tab

This Help File Page was last Modified on 12/15/2016

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Schedule tab

This Help File Page was last Modified on 12/15/2016

The Schedule tab on the Employee Form is used to establish the normal working hours for anyone assigned an Employee Type of Technician or All (which includes being a qualified Technician) entered on the Personal tab.

This Schedule tab - for each Technician defined within Employees Form - should be completed when first starting the Service Tracking module.

When Scheduling Technicians for Work Orders, the system will ensure the Technician is actually scheduled to work within the proposed Time Slot and Day.

See the Employee Form - Technician Updates and the General Maintenance Service & Miscellaneous Options chapters for complete information on how to properly establish a Technician for the Service Tracking System.



Employees Form - Schedule tab


Enter each Technician's usual Work Schedule:

In Time - Enter the normal starting time for this Technician.

Out Time - Enter the normal ending time for this Technician.

Days - Check each Day this Employee (Technician) will normally be scheduled.

Click the HelpFilesNavigationMenuSaveIcon on the Navigation Menu to save the Work Schedule information.