Other Events

This Help File Page was issued on 09/30/2017

This Help File Page was last Modified on 12/10/2022

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Other Events

This Help File Page was issued on 09/30/2017

This Help File Page was last Modified on 12/10/2022

Other Events - When Other is selected as the Event Type, an "internal" Signal (i.e., a User Defined Signal ID, and optionally a Physical Zone Code previously defined as a CSID Zone record) must be entered.



Subscriber Panels section - Events tab - Event Type = Other


This Signal (and optional Zone) must have been previously defined as a Signal ID (and, if entered here, a Physical Zone) in the CSID Zones Form.

This Other Event will be the Event record which is associated with, and defined for, a CSID Zone record


CSID Zone record has the User Defined Signal ID, and, optionally, a User Defined Physical Zone Code - which was defined for the purpose of creating an Alert Signal for an Operator,



CSID Zones Form - Created for an Other Event Type


This Alert Signal is usually indicating that it is time for that Operator to perform a specific task

The required task is defined in an Action Plan which must be assigned to that CSID Zones record


This "task" may notify an Operator to do something - which might include any of the following - is defined as the Description of the corresponding CSID Zone:

a)Make a telephone call to a person for a specific reason (contact the Night Manager to wake her up).

b)Start a process (make the twice daily backup using the MKS Backup Utility).

c)Execute a Procedure (Confirm that each Telephone Line is properly connected to the Receivers and has dial tone).

d)Notify a Subscriber of something.

e)Respond to a Wake Up Alarm (confirming that the Operator is OK and available).




Temporary - If this special "task" reminder is a one time only situation, it would be entered as a Temporary Event.

Check the Temporary box (Temporary will then be displayed in Red).



Events Form - Other Event Type - Temporary


Subscriber Time - As a One Time Only situation,

The Start Time and Date reflect no actual Starting point

The End Time and Date must be entered to reflect when this Other Settings (see 'Others' settings below) signal is expected.

oBy default, these Dates will be initialized as Today.

oIf the selected Day for this Other Event is not Today, these Dates must be changed to reflect that Day.

oIf required (and the Dates have not been changed), a Reminder message will be displayed.

oUse the Drop-Down Calendar/Date Entry field to Choose those different Dates.


'Others' settings - When Other is selected as the Window Type, the two fields (shown in the illustration above) will become active to enable the entry of the appropriate, corresponding Signal (and Zone, if needed), matching what was previously entered in the CSID Zones Form defining this "Other" Event:

This Signal (ID) and optional (Physical) Zone combination must already be defined in the CSID Zones Form.



'Other' settings


Signal - The required User Defined Signal ID.

Zone - The optional User Defined Physical Zone Code.