Notes & Current Signal History

This Help File Page was issued on 09/30/2017

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Notes & Current Signal History

This Help File Page was issued on 09/30/2017

Notes - The Notes tab on the Signal Processing screen has two specific areas of interest for the Operator:



Signal Processing Form - Notes tab with Note enter inserted into the Current Signal's History section


1.Type Notes Below then Select Save Button - The Operator may enter a comment, and/or use the Quick Notes feature to enter a Note whenever this Action tab is available.

2.Current Signal's History - An up-to-the-minute current Alarm History Detail is automatically created and maintained by the system (using the Server's Date and Time), based on the completed Operator steps - which are generally driven by the Operator Guided Response - and also includes manually entered notes and other independently selected action steps performed by the Operator.


Type Notes Below then Select Save Button




Pressing Shift+F2 when inside the Notes field in the MKMSCS Signal Processing mode, enables the Selection of an appropriate predefined Quick Note from a Drop-Down Selection List.

More than one Quick Note may be used in the same Notes field.

Manually entered Notes may also be added at that time.

These Quick Notes and any manually entered Notes are then inserted into the Subscriber's Alarm History for the Alarm Signal or Event currently being processed.


If an Operator attempts to Complete an Alarm Signal, or place it on Hold without saving any Note that was entered in the Notes tab a confirmation message is displayed with the option to save that Note, or abandon it.



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