This Help File Page was issued on 09/30/2017

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This Help File Page was issued on 09/30/2017

The Medical option available on the Sub Info Form's Subscriber Info Icon provides the Operator a view all of the Medical Information that has been entered for the currently selected Subscriber and, if applicable, any members of their household.

Access to Medical Information is based on the Premises of the Subscriber, not any specific CSID.

Medical Information defined for a CSID assigned in the Subscriber Panels section of the Monitoring tab is also accessible by any other CSID assigned to that same Subscriber.

This ensures that this critical Medical Information is always available to the Operator when any Alarm Signal is received from the Subscriber's premises.


The Operator may view the Medical information entered for the selected Subscriber as follows:

Open the Sub Info Form (Press F2).

Using the Search option, locate the appropriate Subscriber CSID.




Click the Medical option from the Subscriber Info Drop-Down Menu.


The Medical Information Form displays the following information (which may not be changed on this Form):



Medical Information Form for the currently selected Subscriber


Any number of Medical Information records may be entered for each Subscriber.

Each Medical Information record is identified with a Client Name.

Click the Name of the Client (selected from the list on the left) to view their information.

Note: These are "read only" Forms - Medical Information may not be modified by an Operator.


To view the encrypted Medical Information, Press Ctrl+F11.

Click the Close X button to return to the Medical Information dialog.



Press Ctrl+F11 to view the unencrypted Medical Information


Date of Birth - Client's Birthday

Current Age - Calculation based on Today minus Birth Date

Key Location - Access information for First Responders.

Allergies - Any Allergy Issue(s) for the selected Client.

Medications - Medications prescribed for the Client.

Diagnosis - Client's Primary Diagnosis

Click the Close HelpFilesCloseBox box to return to the Sub Info Form.