Events (Lookup)

This Help File Page was issued on 09/30/2017

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Events (Lookup)

This Help File Page was issued on 09/30/2017

In many cases, the Subscriber has requested Openings and Closings at their premises be Supervised as to when and by whom they occur.

The rules for this Supervision are entered as Events which precisely define what type of Events (Open, Close, Multiple or Other events) should occur, when they should occur, and sometimes, if required by the Subscriber, who is permitted to do so.

Operators may view the History of these Events as follows:

Open a Sub Info Form (Press F2).

Using the Search option, locate the appropriate Subscriber CSID.

Click the Events option from the Panel Information Drop-Down Menu.




The Event Lookup Form will be displayed.


The Event Lookup Form provides the following information (which may not be changed on this Form):

Use the Slide Bar on the right (if the list is too long) to move through the records to locate the one you need to view.

Click on the required record to see its details outlined below (note the Mouse Pointer in the illustration above).



Event Lookup Form


Event Type - Indicates the Type of Event (Opening, Closing, Multiple, Holiday, Other) this Event schedule represents.

Temporary? - Checked if this is a Temporary Event.

Force Verify? - Checked if this is an Event that Must be Verified.

Start/End Time & Date:

Start Time/Date - The first Time and Date when this Event should occur.

End Time/Date - The last Time and Date when this Event should occur.

Next Scheduled Event:

Start -The Starting Date and Time Window of the Next Scheduled Event.

End - The Ending Date and Time Window of the Next Scheduled Event.

Area/Partition - If Event is assigned to a specific Area, that Area's Name will be displayed.

Users - Lists only those User(s) that are permitted to initiate the selected Event.  

If any Users are listed, the Event is not considered Valid unless one of those designated Users created the Event.

So, if Users are defined, and an Event is received that has no User, or has a different User that is not included among those defined here, it would be considered an Invalid Opening (Closing, Multiple, or Other) signal.

Click the Close HelpFilesCloseBox box to Exit this Event Lookup Form.