Virtual Operator

This Help File Page was last Modified on 09/23/2017

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Virtual Operator

This Help File Page was last Modified on 09/23/2017

The Virtual Operator module allows you to automate certain tasks that normally are provided by your Operators.

Putting Accounts On Test, taking them off test, and reporting the results of these tests to Technicians takes a lot of time and causes a lot of distractions in the Central Station.

These On-Test, Off-Test, and Reporting the Results tasks become a completely automated process using the Virtual Operator module

This special stand-alone application - purchased separately - is accessed via 1 to 4 telephone lines connected to a Dialogic card.

You must have a stand alone PC with an available PCI slot.

A Dialogic card will be installed in that PCI slot.

You will also need 1 - 4 dedicated telephone lines with RJ-11 connectors plugged into that card..

The number of telephone lines required is based on the number and frequency of these types of requests from Technicians - either yours or your Alarm Dealers.

There are no page illustrations shown for this application because there is no need for the Technician to have a portable computer to use it.


Installing the Dialogic card:

Turn off the computer into which the Dialogic card will be installed.

Unplug the computer.

Remove the PC's cover.

Select an empty PCI slot and remove its retaining screw and access plate.

Gently, but firmly, insert and "seat" the Dialogic card into the selected PCI slot.

Install the retaining screw.

Reinstall the PC Cover.

Re-power the PC.

Connect the RJ-11 cable(s) to the Dialogic card (note that the lines are numbered from top to bottom from 1 to 4.


Installing the Virtual Operator Software:

Be sure you are logged in as an Administrator on the computer.

Extract (Unzip) the various application Zip files into the C:\Program Files\MKS\MKMS\ directory.

Create an Icon for the VO application (or within an MKMS program folder) on your Windows® Desktop.

See Installing the Virtual Operator Software for detailed instructions.


Defining the Virtual Operators that will have access to the Virtual Operator system:

Define them as Employees if they are Technicians working for your Alarm Dealers.

Complete Virtual Operator section of the Security tab of the Employee Form.

Complete the Tech Data information for each Virtual Operator defined in the Employee form.

See Defining the Virtual Operators for complete information on these steps.


The Accessing the Virtual Operator instructions provide a step by step procedure for using this Virtual Operator module.