Installing the Virtual Operator Software

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Installing the Virtual Operator Software

An overview of how to Install the Virtual Operator Software:

Be sure you are logged in as an Administrator to the PC on which this application will be installed.

Create the required sub-folders in Program Files folder.

Extract (Unzip) the various application Zip files into these folders.

Create an Icon for the VO applications on your desktop (or within an MKMS program folder on your desktop).

Before you start installing the Virtual Operator software, be sure MKMS has already been loaded on the workstation.

If not present, please install MKMS on this Virtual Operator computer before continuing.


Getting ready for the Dialogic Software Installation:

All the software you will need to install Virtual Operator can be found on the Virtual Operator CD that is provided.

From the CD you will install:

Dialogic Software

EVO runtime

Euro Voice Runtime

You will also find the required Serial Number and License Key on this CD.

Open the LIC.TXT file with notepad.

Print or leave the notepad open while doing the installation.

You will need to copy and paste this information into the software.

Finally, you will copy all of the VOX files to your PC.

These VOX files contain the voice responses your Technicians will hear when using the Virtual Operator.


Installing the Dialogic Software:

1.Insert the Virtual Operator CD into your CD drive of your PC and close the tray.

2.If your PC doesn’t open the File Explorer automatically, locate the contents of the CD using Windows® Explore.

3.Double-Click on the Dialogic folder

4.Unzip SR511all.ZIP into a folder in the Program Files folder of your C: drive called DIALOGIC.

5.Locate the folder DIALOGIC on your C drive using Windows® Explore.

6.Double-Click the SR511all folder. (This folder should appear once the extract has completed and you Click FINISH)

7.Locate and run (Double-Click) SETUP.EXE.

8.When prompted for the installation type, Select CUSTOM.

9.Select the GLOBALCALL API PACKAGE option in addition to the defaults that have already been Selected.

10.Follow the prompts on the screen.


Configuring and Starting the Dialogic Drivers:

1.Click the START Icon on the Start bar.

2.Select the ALL PROGRAMS (or PROGRAMS) option.



Note: If the driver is already running you will be given a warning, Click OK.

5.Click on SERVICE from the Menu Bar.

6.Select STARTUP MODE and Click on AUTO

7.If the service is stopped,

a.Click the green button to start the service.

b.Wait for the service to start before continuing.

c.When the startup is complete, you will see a red stop button and a green dot over that Dialogic card's Icon - this may take a couple of minutes.

8.From FILE on the Menu Bar, Click on EXIT


Installing the Virtual Operator Software on your Desktop:

The Virtual Operator Software (the VOPERATOR.EXE file) can be found in the C:\Program Files\MKS\MKMS folder.

Locate VOPERATOR.EXE in the MKMS directory

Create Icons for your desktop:

Right-Click the VOPERATOR.EXE file and Choose Create Shortcut

Right-Click this newly created shortcut and Choose Cut.

Right-Click on your desktop, Choose Paste.

Create an Icon for the Virtual Operator Software on your desktop for each phone line connected to the Dialogic card.

Identify the phone line by changing properties and then rename this Icon based on the Line Number for which this will be used.

1.Right-Click the Icon on your desktop

2.Select Properties

3.At the end of the target line add a space and type /line=x.

4.Replace the x with the line number 1-4.

5.Rename the Icon to read VO Line x. (Again, replacing the x with a line number.)

6.REPEAT this process for each occurrence.


Euro Voice Installation

Euro Voice provides the voice for Virtual Operator.

This software must be installed and running in order for the Virtual Operator Software to function properly.

a.Locate evo-runtime-setup.exe found in the Virtual Operator folder on the Virtual Operator CD.

b.Double-Click the file name to run the EVO setup.

c.After completing the installation, Select Euro Voice Runtime>Server Manager from the program group. [click on START, RUN PROGRAMS, EURO VOICE,SERVICE MANAGER]

d.From the ‘Board Configuration’ tab, click the AUTO SCAN button to locate and configure the Dialogic card.

Note: The Dialogic Service should already be running.

e.On the ‘Licenses’ tab, enter the Serial Number and License Key.

You will also find the required Serial Number and License Key on this CD.

a.Open the LIC.TXT file with Notepad

b.Print the LIC.TXT file or just leave the Notepad open while doing the software installation so you can copy and paste this information into the software.


Loading Virtual Operator Voice Files

This step will load the VOX files located on the Virtual Operator CD.

These files work in conjunction with EURO Voice and VO module to give VO a voice.

Create a folder named ‘DATA’ in the Millennium Series Directory (PROGRAM FILES>MKS>MKMS).

a.Right-Click START on the Start Bar.

b.Select Windows® Explore from the popup window.

c.Locate and expand the “Program Files” directory on your C drive.

d.Locate and expand the “MKS” directory.

e.Click on the MKMS directory.

f.From the FILE menu on the menu bar select NEW>FOLDER

g.Name the new folder “Data”.

Unzip the ‘GOODVOX.ZIP’ file into the newly created directory.