Accessing Virtual Operator

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Accessing Virtual Operator

From the viewpoint of the Technician (whether they are from your Company or one of your Alarm Dealer's Technicians for whom you provide monitoring services), accessing the Virtual Operator module's features is as easy as dialing in on the assigned telephone number from a cell phone or land line.

Generally speaking, the Technician is guided through the process by listening to voice prompts, and then responding (digitally) to them - in much the same manner as you would when calling a company with an automated voice attendant.

Here is the process that you will follow to use the Virtual Operator module's features:

Welcome Message - Notifies you that you are connected.

Be sure to wait for the full message and "Choices" voice prompt before making the desired selection.

Login - When prompted, Login to the Virtual Operator module using the information entered in the Employees Form's Security tab.



Virtual Operator information on the Security tab of Employee form


Account Number - Enter your assigned four digit Operator ID.

PIN Number - Enter your assigned Password Identification Number (PIN), then Press the Pound (#) sign.

Request the needed function - Once you are successfully logged in, you will be offered four choices:

1.Place Account ON TEST - To place an Account On Test:

a.Press the number 1.

b.Enter the Subscriber's CSID, then Press the Pound (#) sign.

c.Enter the duration (amount of time that your require) for the Test:

i.For one hour, Press 1.

ii.For two hours, Press 2.

iii.For three hours, Press 3.

iv.To specifically specify the duration of the Test, Press 4.

oEnter a four digit number representing the duration required.

o2 Hours = 0200

o6 Hours = 0600

o12 hours = 1200

d.You do not need to stay on the line during the Testing process.  

e.Just Hang up, and call back later for the next Virtual Operator function you require (getting the Test results).

2.Take Account OFF TEST - To take an Account Off Test:

a.Press the number 2.

b.Virtual Operator will tell you how many Accounts you have on hold (in Test Status).

c.Then Virtual Operator will tell you the first Subscriber's CSID, that is On Test.

d.Press the Pound (#) sign to remove this Account from Test, or

e.Press the Star (asterisk) « sign to more to the next CSID.

f.If this was the last CSID, you will be returned to the main menu.

3.Get Signal History - To review the Signal History for a specific CSID that you've previously placed On Test:

a.Press the number 3 when prompted for your selection.

b.Enter the Subscriber's CSID for which you want to hear the Signal History.

c.Enter the appropriate number for the amount of the Signal History you want to hear.

i.To hear all Signal History since your last call, Press 1.

ii.To hear the Last Signal only, Press 2.

iii.To hear all Signal History for Today, Press 3.

iv.To hear all Signal History for a selected Date, Press 4.

4.Instructions - If this is your first Login, you may want to hear these general instructions.

a.Press the number 3 when prompted for your selection.

b.After listening to the information, you will be returned to the Main Menu.

Disconnect - Hang up.  You may call back later for the next Virtual Operator function that you require.