Import Credit Card Transactions

This Help File Page was last Modified on 02/15/2023

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Import Credit Card Transactions

This Help File Page was last Modified on 02/15/2023

HelpFilesCreditCardsForm-ImportIcon Import - Click the Import Icon on the Credit Cards Form to open the Import Credit Card Transactions dialog

This Import Credit Card Transactions option will allow your Company to import the Credit Card Transactions contained in a CSV file which will be created from the Credit Card Register dialog's Export option

The Import Credit Card option will allow your Company to import credit card transactions from a CSV file created from the credit card export.

The process will import these transactions as Credit Card Register records.

Currently, this feature is only available for importing AMEX files !

The CSV format must be created as:





e)Account Number




Import Credit Card Transactions dialog


Open - The Windows® Open dialog will be displayed

Locate the appropriate File  

Click the Open option

The Transactions from the selected File will be displayed


Load File - Choose this option to load the Credit Card Transactions created for that purpose in a temporary file


Show Match - Click this Show Match button to display the Credit Card Register with a list of those transactions to be imported which match an existing Credit Card transaction




Deselect Matches - When an item to be Imported Matches an existing Credit Card Transaction:

Match - The Match field will show "YES"

Selected - Do not Check the Selected box of any item with a "YES" in the Match field

Deselect Matches - Select this Deselect Matches option to remove the Selected Check mark from any of those matching items




Import - Select the items to be imported by Checking the Selected box for each item, or Click the Selected box on the left side of the Header to automatically Check all of the Selected boxes.

After selecting the transactions to be imported (and not selecting any Matches)

Choose the Import option to import the Credit Card Transactions chosen in this Import Credit Card Transactions Form into the associated Credit Card Register

A Information message will displayed.

Click OK to continue




HelpFilesCreditCardsForm-RegisterIconClick the Register Icon to open the Credit Card Register to view these Imported Credit Card Transactions



Credit Card Register dialog