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This Help File Page was last Modified on 02/09/2018

A Consistent and Organized approach to the Collection of Past Due Accounts will ultimately ensure a much lower number of Past Due Accounts.

The best Collections scheme - when performed erratically - is worse than having no Collection scheme at all.

One person, or if a large Company, one Supervisor must be "in charge" of the Collection process and should also be both accountable and rewarded for its success.

The Collection methods recommended here represent a set of practical and effective collection procedures which have a proven record of success.


Have a Written Collection Plan (such as the one outlined below) that will be executed even when the primary Collections person is away on leave.


The four step plan for effective collections:

1.Contact Past Due Subscribers Regularly  

2.Design and Execute Specific Collection Procedures

3.Assess Late Charges on Past Due Invoices

4.The Salesperson must contact the Subscriber who has not paid for their Installation (or any other commission related Sale).


See the Collect Past Due Accounts chapter for some experience tested "how to" strategies that will help you get paid in a timely manner for the work your Company has performed.