Web Dealer Access - Panels Tab - Alarm Events

This Help File Page was last Modified on 11/08/2017

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Web Dealer Access - Panels Tab - Alarm Events

This Help File Page was last Modified on 11/08/2017

The Subscriber Information page has three (3) tabs one of which is the Panels tab



Web Dealer Access - Subscriber Information - Panels tab


The Panels tab contains the list of the CSIDs which are being monitored for this Subscriber; and (among other options) has an Alarm Events option.

Select the CSID from the list on the Panels tab that has the Alarm Event records which are to be viewed, added to, modified and/or deleted.

Tap or Click on the Alarm Events option to display the Alarm Events page for that CSID.



Web Dealer Access - Subscriber Information - Panels tab - Alarm Events option


Understanding and Using the Alarm Events page:

This Alarm Events page provides three features:

A.Filter - Set the Time and Date Range parameters

B.List - A List of the selected (filtered) Alarm Events  

C.Actions - Ability to export the selected list of Alarm Events as a PDF report, or to display the Signal Processing Details of the selected Alarm Event.


A.Filter - Setting the Time and Date filter parameters to determine which the selected are listed

1.Time For - Using the Drop-Down Selection List provided to Choose the Time Type (i.e., Central Station or Customer Time ) that will be used when filtering this List of Alarm Events.

2.Start Date and Time - Select the starting date and time using the Drop-Down Date/Time Calendar Selection Box provided



Drop-Down Date/Time Calendar Selection Box


3.End Date and Time - Select the ending date and time using the Drop-Down Date/Time Calendar Selection Box provided

4.Go - Tap or Click on the Go option on the right to display the chosen Alarm Events


B.List - List of Alarm Events records which has several columns

1.Date Time - The Number assigned to this Area

2.Customer Time - A brief, concise description of the Area.

3.CSID - Will initially be None,then either Open or Closed

4.Subscriber - Date of the last Opening or Closing in this Area

5.Description - A Description of this Alarm Event

6.Signal - The Signal ID that was transmitted for this Alarm Event

7.Zone - The Physical Zone associated with this Alarm Event

8.User # - The User # if one was transmitted by the system

9.User Name - If a User # was transmitted which matches and Employee's User #, that Name will be inserted by the system

10.Incident - The Incident number for this Alarm Event that was assigned by the system

11.Actions - Special purpose Icons (see C. below).

12.Signal Detail -


C.Action - There are two Action Icons available

1.PDF Icon - Creates the selected Alarm Event as a PDF report,




2.Look Up Icon - Displays the details of the selected Alarm Event in an Alarm Event pop-up




D.Signal Detail - Additional information may be added to an existing Alarm Event

1.Add Info - Tap or Click on the Add Info option to display the Signal Detail page  




2.Operator - By default, the Login Name of the User is inserted but this may be changed, if appropriate.

3.Note - Enter the comment information that is to be appended to the Alarm Activity of this Alarm Event.

4.Save - Tap or Click on the Save option to record this entry.

5.Inserted Successfully - A confirmation message will be presented. Tap or Click OK to return to the Alarm Event page.




6.Alarm Activity Report - The entry is added to the history for  this Alarm Event and will appear in the Alarm Activity Report.


7.PDF Icon - Tap or Click on the PDF Icon for this Alarm Event to view this added Signal Detail in a PDF report