Proposal Estimate Information

This Help File Page was last Modified on 05/06/2021

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Proposal Estimate Information

This Help File Page was last Modified on 05/06/2021

 Proposal Estimate Drop-Down Info Box - Click the Estimate Option to view the summary of costs - based on the Proposal Item entries - for the currently selected Proposal.

Note 1: None of the values displayed on the Proposal Estimate tab may actually be changed on the Proposal Estimate tab.

  All changes must be made by modifying, adding to, or deleting the Proposal Items entered on the Proposal Form itself.

  Then, you may request that the Proposal Estimate information be recalculated by Clicking the Recalculate button (see arrow in illustration below).

Note 2: Also, see Defining Inventory & Job Costing Items for more information.



Proposal Form with Proposal Estimate drop-down info box displayed


If this Proposal is converted to a Job, this information will be inserted into the Estimate vs. Actual tab on the Job Costing Form.

The Sale-Purchase Items selected for Proposal Items, that have a Job Cost Category assigned, provide the cost estimate numbers that are used to populate this Proposal Estimate tab.



Proposal Estimate


Understanding the Proposal Estimate tab:

Net Value - This is the Proposal's Total Net Price excluding Labor Costs and Sales Tax charges.

Costs - The items listed below summarize each category of the Expenses related to the Proposal Items on this Proposal.

Commissions - The calculated Commission for this Proposal.

Expenses - The General Expenses for this Proposal.

Labor - The Cost of Labor as defined for each Sale-Purchase Item on this Proposal.

Labor Hours - The number of Labor Hours required for each Sale-Purchase Item on this Proposal.

Inventory - The Cost of the Inventory Items on this Proposal.

Materials - The Cost of the Materials for this Proposal.

Subcontracting - The Subcontracting charges for this Proposal.

Profit - The Proposal's Profit and Profit Margin.

Gross - The Net Value minus the sum of the Costs.

Margin - The calculated percentage of Profit.


Recalculate - Click the Recalculate button if the Cost (Price or COGS Value) of a Sale-Purchase Item assigned to one or more Detail Line Items on the Proposal has been updated.

The Recalculate function will look at each line item and recalculate its Estimated Cost based on the most current Labor Charge, Job Cost Category, and Price defined in the Sale-Purchase Item Form, or for nay other reason which may have caused to Estimated Cost Values to change.