MKS Service Dashboard

This Help File Page was last Modified on 05/09/2015

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MKS Service Dashboard

This Help File Page was last Modified on 05/09/2015

Under Development


What is the MKS Service Dashboard - This is a stand-alone application that provides a continuous overview of up to four service related Grid Lists (which have the full functionality of Grids), with each Grid List displayed in its own tab.




Each of these four Grid Lists is displayed in its own tab and the active Tab changes about every 10 seconds.

1.Unscheduled Appointments - This tab lists the Pending Work Orders which have not yet been scheduled (contains the same information as the Pending Work Order List in the Technician Scheduling Form when the filter is set to Unscheduled Work Orders).

2.Today Schedules - This tab lists the Technicians that are scheduled and what they are schedule to do.

3.Tech Status - This tab lists the current Technician Status of all Technicians

4.Tech Schedules - This tab lists the all of the Technicians and their (Daily or Weekly) schedules.


Any of these Grid List tabs may be removed (temporarily) and may be restored again, as needed.

When more than one Grid List tab is active, the system will rotate between tabs - displaying each for 10 seconds before moving to the next tab.

If only one tab is displayed, the data contained in that tab will be refreshed every 10 seconds.


Any combination of these tabs may be displayed, as needed, using the Boards option on the File menu to Choose which are to be displayed.