General Maintenance Menu System

This Help File Page was last Modified on 09/28/2023

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General Maintenance Menu System

This Help File Page was last Modified on 09/28/2023

The General Maintenance Menu - available from within the Backstage Menu System and the Quick Access Menu and once opened is titled Maintenance - is used to access the Form's where the required codes and descriptions (and other data) are defined during the Start Up Process for a new module.



General Maintenance Menu System


Filter - There several dozens of Menu options within the General Maintenance Menu where start-up entries are made.

When the Filter field is available (identified with an arrow above and highlighted in Yellow - only in the illustration), you may:

a.Type in any Menu option's (partial and/or complete) Name

b.The Menu options matching the Filter Entry (having any of the letters entered) will be displayed - those that do not have letters that match will disappear.

c.Click on the desired Menu option for immediate access to that Form.


Remove the Filter entry to restore the complete list of Menu options.


General Maintenance Menu options and features:

Each Module has its own set of start up data entry requirements.




The Name of each Module is listed (e.g., Receivables, Payables, Communication) along with the individual Form Names associated with that Module's start up requirements.




Click the Form Name to open that Form in the section to the right of the Maintenance Menu options.

As illustrated above, multiple Forms may be open at the same time with each Form Name appearing in its own Tab

Switch from one Form to another by Clicking on its Tab.


Click the Close HelpFilesGeneralMaintenanceFormCloseBox box to Close any Form.


Click the Close HelpFilesCloseBox box of the General Maintenance Menu to exit General Maintenance.


Maintenance Form's Ribbon Menu:




Most Maintenance Forms on the General Maintenance Menu have their own type of Ribbon Menu containing basic Navigation plus the usual Insert, Delete, Cancel, Save and Search Icons and a Grid option




When displayed in its List format,specialized Icons for Exporting and Printing the contents of the Maintenance Form's Grid Data are included.