E-mail the Proposal

This Help File Page was last Modified on 03/01/2017

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E-mail the Proposal

This Help File Page was last Modified on 03/01/2017

Proposals may be E-mailed rather than Printed following these steps:

Print - At the top of the Proposal Form, Click the Print Icon to open the Print Proposals dialog.



Print button on the Proposal Form


Print - On the Print Proposal dialog with the Proposal's Number (e.g., Proposal Range) and Expiration Date (e.g., Sale Date Range) information automatically inserted.

Click the Print button.



Proposal Form - Print option was selected

Prospect Range & Sale Date Range predefined

Print button selected on the Print Proposal dialog


Preview - The Proposal will be displayed on screen to Preview the results of your entries.



Proposal Preview tab - Email Icon


E-Mail - Instead of Choosing the Print Icon at the top of the Preview dialog, Choose the E-Mail Icon to E-Mail the Proposal.

The Outlook® Email dialog will be opened.

Email formatting - The Email is formatted as follows:



Sample Email formatted with Proposal attached as a PDF File


To - The Email address entered on the Prospect Form will be inserted automatically.

Subject Line - The Company Name and Proposal Number will be inserted.

Message - Then, enter the Email Message that you want to include with the attached Proposal.


Send - Click the Send button.

Attachment - The Proposal will be attached as a PDF file format when the Send button is Pressed.