Spell Checking

This Help File Page was last Modified on 04/27/2018

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Spell Checking

This Help File Page was last Modified on 04/27/2018

Spell Checking is included in most fields which are editable (e.g., Comment fields, Drop-Down Text Boxes, the Rich Text Editor)

The system will Spell Check as you type, underlining any misspelled words with a wavy red line.



Drop Down Notes box




Comments field


A list of possible corrections for an Individual word may displayed:

Double Click on the word to be Checked

Right-Click on that word to view the Drop-Down Suggestion List




Click on the appropriate word in the list provided and it will replace that misspelled word; or




Choose the "Spelling" option to open the Spelling dialog when none of the listed words seem appropriate.



Spelling dialog


Choose a word and Click the Change option; or

Type in the preferred spelling in the Change To field and Click the Change option


Inside of the Rich Text Editor dialog (Double-Click on the text to open a Memo field),

There is also a Spell Check option to check the entire memo.  




F7 is a hot key for Spell Checking inside the Rich Text Editor dialog..