Information Processing Forms

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Information Processing Forms

This Help File Page was last Modified on 02/01/2020

Information ("Data") is entered into MKMS through Data Entry Forms.  

Forms may contain a Title, Navigation and/or Action and Other options, a background area, data entry fields, tabs, and Icons used within that Form to access special functions or processes associated with the Form.

These Forms - accessed by selecting the appropriate Menu option - accept information related to a specific topic or function, or perform a special process once the required data is entered.  

Many Forms have subordinate Forms or a Grid based List to gather and/or display details associated with the main Form.  

As an example, a Sales Invoice Form (see the illustrations below) would contain an Invoice Number, Billing and Service address, Salesman, Sale Date and Date Due (among other items).  

But its subordinate Detail Grid would contain (entered one at a time) each item sold, the quantity sold, its description, if and how it is taxed, etc.

As you enter each detail line item in a subordinate Detail Grid, the master Sales Form is automatically updated with the totals for all the (Detail) line items that were entered.  


Field Border coloring:

When the most Forms are being viewed:

The Data within Fields that are boxed in Blue are inserted and/or calculated automatically by the system and cannot be changed by the user on the Invoice Form.  

Fields boxed in Red must be filled in before the Invoice will be accepted.




Colors highlighting data fields have specific meanings:




Teal boxed field - This type of boxed field is populated by the system, and once a value is entered, it cannot be changed on that Form (in a few cases the entry may be changed by making changes elsewhere within the program).



Teal box represents as field that is populated by the system which can never be changed within the currently displayed Form.



Red box indicates a Mandatory field that must be completed before the record can be saved and may also contain a Drop-Down Selection List option.




Dark Grey thin lined box indicates an optional entry that is available, and may be populated based on the specific circumstances, but is not required (or could be a field that is a system calculated that changes based on other entries which you do have control over).




The selected Record will be highlighted in  Orange .

The selected Field within a selected Record will be highlighted in White




A Detail Grid Ribbon Menu (located at the bottom of the Detail Grid) is usually provided.



Invoice Form - Detail Grid - Ribbon Menu


Subordinate Forms and Detail Grids will usually update the summary/total values on the master Form, when that would be an appropriate action.


Using the Invoice Form as an Example




The Invoice Form shown above exhibits some of these features:

In the example above, the master Form (a Sales Invoice) may have any number of Detail Line Items.

In this case, the Sale is started by Clicking on the Plus Sign (Insert) at the top of the Form which indicates you want to Insert ("+") a new Invoice.  

A new Invoice Number, today's date (as the Sale Date) and other related information is automatically entered into the main Form.  


Click the Insert Icon on the Detail Line Items Grid's Ribbon Menu (located at the bottom of the Detail Grid) to start a new Detail Line Item)



Invoice Form - Detail Grid - Ribbon Menu


You would complete the Sale Item, its Description, and Price for each Detail Line Item by entering the requested information in the Detail Grid.

An Item field's Drop-Down Selection List is available to Choose the appropriate entry by Selecting the Code or Description of the item.

The Department, Lcl Tax and Lcl %, etc., are optional and are entered only as needed.

Click the Save Icon on the Detail Grid's Ribbon Menu at the bottom of the Detail Grid (or Press Control + S) to save the Detail Line Item.

Press the Down-Arrow on your keyboard to start another (new) Detail Line Item.


Once all of the required Detail Line Items are entered,

Click the Save Icon at the top of the Invoice Form to indicate you are finished making Invoice entries.  



Invoice Form - Main Form - Ribbon Menu - Save Icon


Complete information about this Invoice Form is contained in the Invoices chapters and its associated sub-chapters