Virtual Printer

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Virtual Printer

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The Virtual Printer provides a phantom printer connection to store a Receiver's Printer output to a computer file.

The virtual printer application was designed to help Central Stations reduce the amount of paper it uses over the course of time.

Signal traffic from Accounts out in the field is very important and is usually preserved by having the information printed as it comes in from the receiving equipment.

This recording process can cost the central station hundreds of dollars in paper and ink costs each month.


The Virtual Printer application allows the signal traffic that would normally be printed out on plain paper, to be captured and saved to a computer database and stored on a hard drive.

The Virtual Printer Software allows the end user to review any data received by the receiver for any time period and print it out if so desired.

It is a stand-alone module that is acquired and installed separately from MKMS and/or MKMSCS.

To install the Virtual Printer Software, simply copy the MKSVP.exe to the c:\program files\mks\mkms folder.









For UL® 1981 Listed Central Stations:

Once established, the Virtual Printer application must be on at all times and not suppressed whenever the Central Station Monitoring module is operating.

Reference the UL® Virtual Printer Installation Diagram below as a guide to proper installation.



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