Dealer Client Reports

This Help File Page was last Modified on 12/07/2012

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Dealer Client Reports

This Help File Page was last Modified on 12/07/2012

Reports - Choose the required report using the Reports menu, found by Clicking the Globe at the top left of the Dealer Access Module Form.

The Technicians - permitted to access the Dealer Module Client Connection application - must first be identified in the Dealer User Maintenance Form (see the Defining Dealer Access Module Users chapter for more information) which will also identify the specific Reports that may be viewed within the Dealer Module Client Connection application.


Report Options are quite similar to their counterparts within the MKMS and the MKMSCS applications - with some slight variations.  

The Report Options dialogs that are available within this MKMSDLRC Dealer Module Client Connection application are illustrated below.

A link to their respective chapters is provided where the instructions for each of these Report Options may be found.



Available MKMSDLRC Reports


There are seven Central Station Monitoring related reports on the Reports menu:

1. Alarm Activity - The Alarm Activity Report provides many options to selectively Choose the Alarm Activity data that will be listed.


Alarm Activity Report dialog available in MKMSDLRC


2. Call List Verification - The Call List Verification Report provides a verification document which may be viewed by the Technician, or sent to (or viewed by) Subscribers to verify that the information entered in MKMS is correct.


Call List verification Report dialog available within MKMSDLRC


3. Failed To Test - There are no options offered for the Failed to Test Report - except to either View or Print the document.


All Subscribers, for this Technician's Alarm Dealer, who have Failed to Test within the designated time from will be listed.

4. Non Restored Alarms - The Non-Restored Alarms Report will list all the reported Non Restored Alarm events which still need to be identified as Corrected.


Non Restored Alarms Report dialog within MKMSDLRC


5. Opening & Closing - The Open and Close Report lists each Opening and Closing record that matches the selected parameters.


Open/Close Report dialog within MKMSDLRC


6. Still Open or Closed - The Still Open or Closed Report lists Accounts that are still opened or still closed beyond their supervised Events time "window"?


Still Open/Closed Report dialog within MKMSDLRC


7. Subscriber Information - The Subscriber Information Forms report lists a variety of Central Station Monitoring related data, based on your selected Options, which may be viewed, printed or exported.


  Subscriber Information dialog within MKMSDLRC