Special Panel Zones

This Help File Page was issued on 09/30/2017

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Special Panel Zones

This Help File Page was issued on 09/30/2017

Special Panel Zone Entries - Certain specialized Panel Zones must exist for each Communicator Format to identify special circumstances.

Third Edition UL® 1981 Standard 11.1.9 - The automation system shall be able to automatically identify an alarm system as a runaway system (also see 5.47 - Runaway System) when the number of signals from that system exceeds the pre-programmed number wit the pre-programmed time frame; the following shall occur (see Mandatory Condition Codes & Panel Zones, On Runaway Alarm in SPA Setup - System tab):

a)It shall immediately and automatically display a message on the operator terminal; and

b)The message shall indicate"runaway" system and identify the details of the alarm system such as type of signal, account number, location, contact person, and similar information.


Because each Communicator Format has its own (somewhat) unique set of Panel Zones representing almost all of the Alarm Signals and Events that will be transmitted by that type of Communicator Format, each of these Communicator Formats must also have all of the specialized Panel Zones that are listed below:

Panel Zones -  The Panel Zones required for each Communicator Format are as follows:

Signal ID = A105        Alarm Code = Runaway Alarm        OCTAR = Alarm        Description = This account has sent too many signals in a short period of time and is classified as a Runaway alarm by UL.

Signal ID = A107        Alarm Code = System Messages        OCTAR = Alarm        Description = No CSID or SI on Alarm Signal

Signal ID = A108        Alarm Code = System Messages        OCTAR = Alarm        Description = Invalid Caller ID (Phone number not in CSID caller list)

oThree Signal ID = A108 records must be entered with the following Physical Zones and Descriptions:


Physical Zone

Descriptions (add this text to above "Invalid Caller ID" message


There is no phone in the subscriber panel


There is at least one phone number in the panel


There is no account with that CSID

Or the account is offline

Or the subscriber is a deleted account (Old Subscriber = ‘T’)


Signal ID = A121        Alarm Code = System Messages        OCTAR = Alarm        Description = Manual Customer Note

Signal ID = A127        Alarm Code = System Messages        OCTAR = Alarm        Description = Invalid SIA package or Unable to process SIA package

Signal ID = A128        Alarm Code = System Messages        OCTAR = Alarm        Description = Temp Note Added/Modified/Deleted

Signal ID = A130        Alarm Code = System Messages        OCTAR = Alarm        Description = Account canceled via Dealer Client or Millennium

Signal ID = A131        Alarm Code = System Messages        OCTAR = Alarm        Description = Account set to offline

Signal ID = A132        Alarm Code = System Messages        OCTAR = Alarm        Description = Account set to online


Using the Copy To button feature to duplicate this predefined set of Special Panel Zones for the new Communicator Format:

1.Enter the Name of, and any Comments about it and Save this new Communicator Format.

2.Using the List Icon feature described immediately above, Locate and Double-Click on the Communicator Format from which the Panel Zones are to be copied to this new Communicator Format.

3.This will display the source Communicator Format record


HelpFilesCommunicatorFormatsCoptTo Button

4.To create the duplicate set of the Selected Communicator Format's Panel Zones for newly created Communicator Format record, Click the Copy To button



Select Communicator Format dialog


5.Using the Select Communicator Format dialog which will be displayed automatically (see illustration immediately above), Select the Communicator Format to which the Panel Zones of the currently selected Communicator Format are to be copied.

6.Click the OK übutton on the Select Communicator Format dialog and the copying process will be completed automatically.